Monday, September 22, 2008

Spinning Wheel Fairy Godmother has blessed me!!

so I am trying to make up for not posting in a great while. Any way some of you may know that I had been bidding on a unique spinning wheel but lost the bid to someone else. Well one of the groups I belong to had a woman who had to sell someof her wheels and I went to her web and "BAM" there it was the Moswolt Hammer wheel. Talk about over joyed and spinning freinzy mind flip! I contacted her and the wheel is mine now!! happy dance oh yeah! Well I received an wonderful surprise the other day. Kathy emailed me with some incredible news, she contacted her wheel dealer in the Netherlands to ask about the hammer wheel since she had some others who were interested in one. Well she found a better one for me. This one comes with a lazy kate and a skein winder. I think I will call my new wheel Boudica who was a femal British warrior or I could name her MayaLou after Maya Angelo a strong, power and successful Black woman. So what do you think? Here is some pictures of the "Hammer". My hubby is supposed to be getting me a Majacraft Rose wheel for Christmas. I am really excited about that one too because I will have so many different ratio's to spin fiber with. Anyway it is 2:15 Monday morning and I need to get to bed.
I have to call a roofing and structural contractors to inspect the damage from Ike. It could have been worse, but I am thankful that no one in our family got hurt. So many people are dealing with utter devastation and loss. A friend of lost two family memebers who died from carn dioxide posing. They had the generator in the garage when it was running. Well I will have more pictures to post during this week, of the new skeins of yarn that I have spun up.

Below is the wheel I am getting now, this is at Henri's house in the Nehterlands. It is being shipped to me this week!!

This wheel was the one I was getting originally. This is just way to cool, look at how unique it is!!

Good Night & Good mornin' Woman In Rollers ,


Pictures from RI Trip

Finally I have time to post some pictures from our RI trip this past June. We had a lovely time, though way too short lol. Michael was just tickled to death once he met everyone. He really had a great time talking with the guys and with dad especially about army stuff and old movies. He said to me the other day I know where you get all the facial looks you give me now. You get them from mom. Anyway enjoy the photos!

This is Daja in a tree grove on the grounds of the Breaker's Mansion in Newport, RI We had a great day with her. She walked the heck out of her Nana, but Papa Mike enjoyed walking with someone who could keep stride with him.

These are the front gates leading to the mansion. It was a great day as we were there the fog was rolling back out to the ocean.

This one shows the ornate carvings in stone as you enter the mansion. The doors are huge !! They weigh a lot also. As usual no pictures were allowed to be taken inside the mansion :( This is the surprise we pulled off on our daughter Tanya at her job. It was her 29th B'day and Michael got her good too. Now she knows just what a character her step-father is.I tell you if you ever get to RI you have to go to OV's diner on Allens Ave. The food is great!!
This is the Ferry landing, where we were waiting for the office to open up so we could get our tickets to go to Newport. This ferry was fast and as usual it put me to sleep. But coming back we sat below inside, in nice comfy seats and I had a nice snooze cause I was just exhausted from a day of sightseeing and walking. Next trip up will be longer and we'll probably spend one night in Newport and then go up to Maine to visit friends as well.