Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pictures of ROC DAY

The above piture shows the wheel (on the left) called the Robin Wheel made by Gilbert Gonsalves from I think Me or NH. He used to ne a boat engineer. This wheel is absolutely gorgeous. I am waiting for info becaue ZI might put my order in. It takes 2 years before I will get it. That is ok I can what the craftmenship is outstanding!!
This is my new friend Cora she was spinning in the class room with me. She has a Kromski Marzuka Wheel it is "double" drive. With a nice dark stain.
I do not recall the 2 women on the left of the picture, but Peggy has the white design on the shirtand nextto her is Penny they have been friends for year and are just a hoot!! Then there is my friend Linda she has been spinning for a while now.
This spindle ha spun LLama on it which I am going to give a try to spin it on the wheel.
This is the llama fleece I wil be spinning from. His name is Solo and his fur is just beautify.
He there, I finally downloaded the pictures from ROC daya that we had at the Lone Star Loom Room on January 19th. I meet some awesome spinners and since there are quite a few spinners in Katy we will have our own spinning group!! That is so awesome, I have had to get back on track with my knitting since I am doing all this spinning the yarn is starting to mount up now lol. Well I am off and running spin a little then take a small nap before dinner. Have a Blessed DAu all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It is official ~ I am a fiber addicted Spindle Spinning Diva lol

The top picture is the roving I dyed in class on 8 Jan 2008
This is the Punta Wool-Colorway Beauty spun and wound into a ball. It is 1-ply. Below is the roving be fore being pre-drafted.
Below is the Mahogany Wool (Merino) Roving and the next picture is it being spun on the wheel. It looks better in person the flash washes it out.

Hey all,

Last Saturday I went and took part in ROC Day and there where many women at the Lone Star Loom Room to celebrate as well. Some did drop spindle and others did spinning with wheel and one lady was knitting. It was a nice time and I have pictures to show. An awesome woman named Conie she sat and watched me for a bit and told me exactly what I was doing wrong and showed me how to adjust the brak. After that I was off and running I left home with a naked bobbin and retirned home with a full bobbin (plus also more FIBER). Lynn of Lynn's Texas Fiber was there, she also teaches spinning lesson and she brought lots of fiber for us to fondle and purchase. It is amazing at all the different types of wool fiber they have out their. I brought 4 ounces of Punta wool roving in the Beauty colorway. It has bright blue, yellow fushia in it and spins up quite nicely. I also spun and plyed some of the pencil roving that I dyed. Right now I am working on Mahogany Merino roving and the color looks more intense when it is spun. I spin for about 3-5 hours a day and the rest of the time I answer emails, clean house and read books on fiber and sheep. I sometimes dream of being in a room full of iber and I am told tht it hasbeen given to me as a gift. Talk about wishful thinking lol. So my knitting has taken a back seat for a bit. I did start he shawl for my grand mother and hit a snag so I thin I will give her the first one that I made. Well hope you enjoy the pictures and will post more over the weekend.

Nite' all,


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finshed Last swap for 2007 and joined another KAL

This here is the Fibre Center. I still have more fibre to organize.

This is the Sewing; Stitch Marker and Jewelry making Centre.

This is the Yarn Centre; I still have yarn to organize so far I hae them broken down into natural fibers; novelties and snythetic/polyester yarns.

Well I had to delete a comment and ended up deleting the Jan. 3rd post Rolling Eyes . It wa a spam thing. Anyway I love my stitch markers and I have a special box to store them in when not in use. The pictures show how I have partically organized my office/hobby craft room. I still have 3 lbs. of raw llama that I have to put in the mid-sized bins for storage and they'll go on the top shelf. Tonight I started the Secret of the Stole ii. I am using knit picks shadow in the sunset colorway and size 3 addi lace kniting needles. Tomorrow is ROC day and I will be going to the Lone Star Loom Room with my spinning wheel to spin and enjoy chatting with friends. I have to wind up my spindle that has the chocolate brown wool on it and then i have to use Gorilla glue to secure the hook in the shaft. I guess I draft hard and wrap more than once the fiber around the hook before I spin. Anyway it needs to be fixed. Plus I also need to get some wood treatment paste to keep my spindles looking sharp!!

In the afternoon I am going to try my hand at dyeing with food coloring and vinegar. Next month if I have enough left after our trip; we are going to see my in-laws in Nevada I hope to purchase 3 plain white silk scarves so that I can try my hand at dyeing them and if they come out great then I will add them to my Well I need to take the dogs out for their potty run yet again. It is 41 and raining out right now yuk!! But at least we do not have snow !! Tomorrow it will be 57 and sunny out. Friday I went to my local yarn shop and I meet Louisa Harding and she gave a wonderful take and then signed books. So now I have 2 books signed by 2 different authors. She is a really down to earth woman and very personable. Well I am beat and need to catch some sleep, I have posted pictures of my progress in getting office straightened out.

Well I had to stop blogging for a moment, my husband fell and poor Angus thought his papa was playing and he started barking. I am thankful he id not whack his head. The bottom hem on his sweat pant lgs drag on the ground. Well he went out side in the rain to get his lap top w/o his slippers on and feet and hem on sweats got wet and he slipped on our tile floor. he is now sitting on the couch waiting for me so we can watch a movie. I told him if he moves off the couch I will duct tape him to the floor lol.

Anyway Good Night & Weekend 1 ,


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick Post

Hey there,

Have been rweally busy doing "Spring Cleaning" early this year. I am getting the second shelf set up tomorrow after church so I can get everruthing up where it should be and then tackle the guest room and that closet. Anyway I have some photos of my dye class I took on the 8th. Man oh man I love dyeing and look forward to getting my own supplies to dye with. I dyed white corriedale roving 2 different colors;and dyed 1 lb. of white wool pencil roving. So these are teh colors. Notice that the pencil roving back is less vibrant than the front and will look awesome I think when I spin it!!
Well tomorrw I hope to have pictures of the stich markers I have made. I also have to send out packages to family members this week too. Plus I have a special birthday gift for our niece Lauren Renee. Well time to head to bed I think I hear my pillow calling my name lol.
Good Night & Sweet Dreams,

Well tomorrow

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~~2008 Year of NEW Beginings

What a Year 2007 was and now we're into 2008. Did you know that the number 8 represents "New Beginings" . So this is the year that new and hopefully exciting things will happen. Michael and I had a quiet night. Dec. 31st we celebrate our first date, as well as New Years Eve. I made a special dinner of proscuito wrapped sea scallops, bacon wrapped pork kebobs, grilled shrimp with steamed veggies and a salad. I had a small piece of everything, my stomach has shrunk and can't eat a lot. We toasted with Sparkling cider and watched the fire works and the Dick Clark Rockin New Years Eve show.

Then we watched a fwe movies then went to bed and listened to a cd and I read my night time book which is Ysabel. It is pretty darn good too, I have trouble reading certain books if I can't visualize what I am reading. Anyway this one is a real page turn. So Michael reads his gaming magazine as well. HE is getting better but it is a slow process and it drives him crazy because he really can't do anything except rest. But from now on the is "NO BASKET BALL" allowed. The doctor said it would be about a good month before the pulled rib is completely healed. So my ministry at present is taking care of my husband. He misses the fellowship from church.

So I am invinting people over for dinner on Saturday I will cook a crown pork roast with steamed veggies and so forth. Tomorrow I will deliver the cookie treats and so forth that I have finished baking. Plus I have some fudge from scratch for Sis Lavelle. Plus cookies for the Pastor & Sis Shara's Family. Today I hung 2 shelfing units in my little office and it is finally looking like is should. I used the new cordless 18v drill Michael got for Christmas. I told him that I need a tool belt. I love working with power tools and making improvements on the house. But I only do the ones I know I can do lol.

Anyway my last swap was the coffee one and Sarah got me some starbucks coffee, now I am from the New England area and had a choice between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. I was notice key word "was" a diehard DD fan. But then I got a bag of the Christmas Blend and let me tell you I just love it!! I haven't tried the other coffee yet though I am savoring this one. Sorry DD I also drink SB now too. But one thing will never change and that is I an a diehard "PATRIOTS" fan and the boys are kicking hiney presently and I just "LOVE IT" Well I should stop I need to get some more yarn off the drop spindle so I can spin some more of the corriedale so I can have enough to make a small felted bad. My wheel on the spinning wheel sort of wobbles in the frame so I need to take it in and have someone look at it for me. So I have been practicing treadling for now.

Well enjoy your new beggings all,


PS: Did you notice in the stores they have Happy Valentines Day and some even have Happy Easter Bunny stuff on the shelves. Jeeze can't we get a small break Plz!!