Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pictures of ROC DAY

The above piture shows the wheel (on the left) called the Robin Wheel made by Gilbert Gonsalves from I think Me or NH. He used to ne a boat engineer. This wheel is absolutely gorgeous. I am waiting for info becaue ZI might put my order in. It takes 2 years before I will get it. That is ok I can what the craftmenship is outstanding!!
This is my new friend Cora she was spinning in the class room with me. She has a Kromski Marzuka Wheel it is "double" drive. With a nice dark stain.
I do not recall the 2 women on the left of the picture, but Peggy has the white design on the shirtand nextto her is Penny they have been friends for year and are just a hoot!! Then there is my friend Linda she has been spinning for a while now.
This spindle ha spun LLama on it which I am going to give a try to spin it on the wheel.
This is the llama fleece I wil be spinning from. His name is Solo and his fur is just beautify.
He there, I finally downloaded the pictures from ROC daya that we had at the Lone Star Loom Room on January 19th. I meet some awesome spinners and since there are quite a few spinners in Katy we will have our own spinning group!! That is so awesome, I have had to get back on track with my knitting since I am doing all this spinning the yarn is starting to mount up now lol. Well I am off and running spin a little then take a small nap before dinner. Have a Blessed DAu all!

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