Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finshed Last swap for 2007 and joined another KAL

This here is the Fibre Center. I still have more fibre to organize.

This is the Sewing; Stitch Marker and Jewelry making Centre.

This is the Yarn Centre; I still have yarn to organize so far I hae them broken down into natural fibers; novelties and snythetic/polyester yarns.

Well I had to delete a comment and ended up deleting the Jan. 3rd post Rolling Eyes . It wa a spam thing. Anyway I love my stitch markers and I have a special box to store them in when not in use. The pictures show how I have partically organized my office/hobby craft room. I still have 3 lbs. of raw llama that I have to put in the mid-sized bins for storage and they'll go on the top shelf. Tonight I started the Secret of the Stole ii. I am using knit picks shadow in the sunset colorway and size 3 addi lace kniting needles. Tomorrow is ROC day and I will be going to the Lone Star Loom Room with my spinning wheel to spin and enjoy chatting with friends. I have to wind up my spindle that has the chocolate brown wool on it and then i have to use Gorilla glue to secure the hook in the shaft. I guess I draft hard and wrap more than once the fiber around the hook before I spin. Anyway it needs to be fixed. Plus I also need to get some wood treatment paste to keep my spindles looking sharp!!

In the afternoon I am going to try my hand at dyeing with food coloring and vinegar. Next month if I have enough left after our trip; we are going to see my in-laws in Nevada I hope to purchase 3 plain white silk scarves so that I can try my hand at dyeing them and if they come out great then I will add them to my Well I need to take the dogs out for their potty run yet again. It is 41 and raining out right now yuk!! But at least we do not have snow !! Tomorrow it will be 57 and sunny out. Friday I went to my local yarn shop and I meet Louisa Harding and she gave a wonderful take and then signed books. So now I have 2 books signed by 2 different authors. She is a really down to earth woman and very personable. Well I am beat and need to catch some sleep, I have posted pictures of my progress in getting office straightened out.

Well I had to stop blogging for a moment, my husband fell and poor Angus thought his papa was playing and he started barking. I am thankful he id not whack his head. The bottom hem on his sweat pant lgs drag on the ground. Well he went out side in the rain to get his lap top w/o his slippers on and feet and hem on sweats got wet and he slipped on our tile floor. he is now sitting on the couch waiting for me so we can watch a movie. I told him if he moves off the couch I will duct tape him to the floor lol.

Anyway Good Night & Weekend 1 ,



FruitfulSpirit said...

I just wanted to send you a big thanks for the lovely stitch markers you sent me! I have posted about them on my blog since I am unable to post at the Stitch Exchange blog!

They are lovely and are going in use today! I have a big stick project I am starting and these are perfect for marking!

Again thanks

UniquelymeNana said...

So glad that you like them. I really enjoyed making them.