Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another week done ~ Spin like the Wind

On the Cocobolo spindle I am spinning up a yummy blend of 80/20 merino/tussah in colorway called Venetian that I purchased I believe from Frecklefaced girl. I got a littl over 7 ounces. I just love the colorway. I was going through that blues/greens mode lol. This is what it is looking like.

Well I am going to start to spin this awesomely beautiful, yummy squishy soft fiber. It is a 50/50 blend of camel and tussah silk that I purchased from Far Out Farms at the Januaru Spin-in that was held in Destin, FL last month. The colorway is called Starbirth and I purchased 2 - 2 oz. containers of this color. I think I will make a nice lace scarf to wear. I did spin a little up on the Kundert but I feel that the spindle is a little too heavy at 1.4 ounces. So I will spin it up using my traditional wheel.

It is 3:27 Saturday morning and I still have to do a little knitting on my lace bed socks that are entered in the Team Bluemoon Ravelypics team Hockey Socks. I need to take another picture to post on ravelry of the socks. Anyway I need to post picture of my weft colors for my first weaving project. I am hoping to have my first lesson on Tuesday. Well will have pictures later today from the Train Show we're going to see later today in Houston!! Have a wild an crazy, but safe and warm weekend y'all!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Swap from Rainbow Swap Group

Below is the picture that shows the detail of the Alpaca Bed Socks that I am knitting for the Team Bluemoon for the 2010 Ravelypics. I have to have them done by the end of the closing ceremonies. I am using Bluemoon med. weight Water Wave yarn in the colorway called "Hot Flash" which reall explains the phase of life I am going through now lol. The 2nd picture shows the actual color.

This is what McKinley did to a custom made detal guard. How she got it I could not tell you but tht is what I found and boy was I ripped. Thank goodness that the VA has an excellentdental clinic so I will call them Tuesday to see if they came make another for me. It really helped knock out the headaches I was waking up with in the mornings.

Well look at the goodies I got in this swap from Moosh on ravelry:

The sock yarn is something that I will be asking her where she got it so I can get another skein of it. It's called Stardust colorway is Sea Salt Spray by Dream in Colr. Oh it is so squshy and soft! It was a great swap package too! Well it is damp raw and raining yet again, though earlier the sun was out and it was a "warm" 57. I truly hope tht it warms up a bit more this weather is like what I was dealing with in RI lol. Anyway I hope that this week will be a good one and that we'll get some news about our hearing soon. Well time to go and do some more knitting before calling it a night.
Peace y'all,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February the 2nd Month of 2010

Well so far this has been a good month, I am having a great time spinning up all that awesome fiber that I got at the Spin-in held in Destin, FL. What an incredible group of people I had the privilege of meeting and spinning with. Next year we'll have a bvetter time because we will be arriving 2 days before and staying 2 days after the event. This way we will be able to enjoy the beach and some of the local eateries and shops in town. Just look at this bag of yummy fiber and the 2 new spindles I purchased. The fiber is 925 grams of Polwarth. The fleece was dyes these beautiful colors called Ashes of Roses. This fiber came from Francine of Rovings which is in Canada. I already have one 9"-inch bobbin spun up and a 2nd bobbin already started. I also brought more of her fiber but in roving form.

This fiber below is 4.5 ounces of a 85/15 blend of shetland mohair blend in medium blue color. I think this would make some nice socks, or maybe a nice hat. I got this fiber as a gift from Kim at Far Out Farm. She had some incredible fiber I was ever so supportive by purchasing "A LOT" of it. I am talking beautiful Chasing Rainbow Colors and some outstanding dyed Camel/Tussah blend. I purchased 2 Star Birth packages and 1 Opal. This fiber spins up nicely on a spindle but I am going to try it on the wheel to see how it looks and feels. This fiber will be for a beautiful lave scarf.

This bowl is now filled with silk hankies and two rovings on the right from RiversEdge Weaving Studio. Carol and Debb have some incredible fiber and she even offers a sheet that explains in detail the fibers and blends that they use and their benifical qualities. They're awesome and lots of fun too lol. I am looking forward to spinning up some of their fiber. the fiber to the left is Chasing Rainbows Shell Box a 50/50 Merino/Tussah blend. This tiome around I am finding that I am buying more "Quality" versus quantity.
This bowl of fiber is filled mostly with high end and luxury blend fiber. AThe 2 rather vibrant rovings are from Dicentra and they are just awesome in one of my favorite fibers BFL. Lisa's dyeing is just vibrant, rich deep and clear, these two colorways Pilneer and Elowyn are just the bomb as our oldest granddaughter would say. I think they'll make some really happening socks!!

This is one of the Ravelry woman whose group I was part of and spun with. Look at this beautiful wheel, it is just awesome. I had such fun and fiber people are really awesome. I felt like I had known a lot of them for a long time, I think I spent about a good deal walking around and talking as I did spinning. In my next post I will have more fiber to share and also I'll strt posting pictures of the great place that we stayed at. We have an awesome view of both the pool and the beach being on the 10th floor and all.

Well my friends I need to recharge the batteries and hopefully I will have some good news from one of my new friends regarding selling my stitch markers. Well I will say ado to you all until tomorrow ;-)