Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wow March Already

It's been a real long time since I've blogged. I've been just depressed and not feeling like dowing much of anything except keep house cleaned and take care of hubby and animals. But things are on the upswing. Last month was a hard month with losing my cousin MJ. He was the sweetest little boy and he had a million dollar smile that went on for days! But he is smiling, running and teaching the angels some dance moves now and he is no longer suffering. My cousin Nancy is/was an awesome mom and women. We pray for her and the family daily. As for my spinning well I have started that again working on finally I hope coming to the end of my mom's yarn. I have taught myself how to do Fair Isle knitting and finished a hat!! My first FO for 2009 and I hope to have the gauntlets done shortly and my granddaughters shawl. I am working on a shawl for Nancy and for La'Nae'. La"Nae" is going in for "major" surgery on Tuesday "19" hours long and I will leave for SA tomorrow and be at her home taking care of our nephew Tre'.
So today I went and knit with the gals at the Starbucks, I love the Sunday afternoon knitting group I can relax and knit an chat. That is the only time that I can actually talk and knit with others that love to knit as well. I got my first knitting bag. Not your average one either, it is a "NAMASTE" Laguna in "Hollywood Pink" and I just love it!!. I can carry several knitting projects in it and there is enough room for my wallet, cell phone and etc. It has pockets and zipped compartments and a pocket and zipped compartment on the outside. I also got a real nice surprise yesterday, my hubby gave me the deposit for the knitting cruise in Nov. and I am completely stoked abpout it too. It'll leave from Gavelston going to Mexico. It is gonna be great to meet dinfferent knitters and take all the different workshops as well. Oh here are pictures of the finished hat and the kntting bag:

The picture wasn't taken in good light, it is actually a little brighter. But it is so nice to not have to take a purse and knitting bag when I go anywhere now. I had to put a little bit of that nubby shelf liner on the strap and it now stays on my shoulders.
Here is the hat (above), it was a little bit of a challenge but I accomplished it, though I will not snug up the floats anymore. I did on this one and it will not fit my head but hey, I got a jump start on this Christmas lol. Then below as you can see I was in one of my dyeing moods and did some orange dye on some tunis wool and the scarlet is lincoln long wool locks. I used cushings dye and I like it but I have found a place where I can get the Landscape dyes which I like much better. Well it is 10:31 and I still have to pack and make the liver for Michael. I have been making up dinners so that all he has to do is just reheat food while I am away. I know that he will be calling me several times a day too.

Also while I am away I am taking my supplies so I can crank out the stitch markers and get them pictured so that when I come home I can upload them and start selling. I have gotten some really nice beads this time and will be maing sets of 4, 6 and 8. Well y'all have a nice week and will catch ya later!