Monday, August 31, 2009

Nana he got me & The beginning of my first knitting design

Another thing that happend this weekend was my little granddaughter Gianni got bite under her eye by a damn spider. She looks like she was in a boxing mathc lol. Thank God there is no infection or damage to the eye, just inflammation. The picture was taken a little after when the swelling was going down. She said Nana I got busted by a spider I just chuckled when she said that one. She is a big girl now she start kindergarten this year ans the tooth fair already has paid her a visit!
Anyway I have chosen the yarn for my design and then I was thinking that I will also have to make another one where I use a lighter weight yarn for warmer climates as well. But first the initial design. I have cast on already and I think I will do two pattern repeats then add the contrast for a repeat or two. But I now need to find a yarn shop where I can have them order the Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon yarn for me, unless the local yarn shop will order it for me. I figure if I order 10 skeins 5 different colorways that wouldbe a good order for them to place for me.

Well that should be it for now I need to get my strawberries with lime and go sit knit and watch a movie before I call it a day. I just hope that I will be sleeping well before 6 a.m. I've had a few days where I've not been able to go to sleep until that time and man tht does make for a very long long day for me. So catch ya on the flip side. Oh yes the kids are back in school WOOHOO! It is now safe to do to the mall to walk or shop during the day without being over taken by unchaparoned kids lol!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marian is done

Let's see Iggy went on an adventure "OUTSIDE" of his domain and sent Angus into "TERROR" mode lol. I mean that little guy was barking and growling like a crazed animal when he saw Iggy in the hall way. It was not until I started screamed that Michael came running. You see I do not handle Iggy at all and when he gets loose Michael hauls hiney to get him. It was so funny to see him try to runny on the tile floor and even funnier when he got on the rubber floor in his domain he looked like a awkward road runner on 4-legs lol.

Well I have had one crazy week end and I only hope that this week will be much better lol. I made this it is a ravelry pattern called Marian and it was so darn easy to knit up. If I was not watching a movie I probably would have had it done is less than 90 minutes. The designer is an awesome person too.

I just deleted the picture of the yarn for my pattern I designed so I will have to put it in another post. Anyway I hope you guys have a great week and will write more in about 15 minutes or so!
Back in a few!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wee Hrs. of Monday Morning

Well I am still up not unusual for me to still be up lol. Had a pretty good day, though the stomach gave me a few issues. I had spinach salad with crispy chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, apples (not I removed them lol) with balsamic dressing it tasted good and I felt fine. But at around 11 Sunday morning my stomach started. Last night was Iggy's turn to play escape artist lol. Michael was working on his models, painting them and he has to sit at the other desk (he has 3 one of which is in a closet) . Well I guess Iggy wanted to see what papa was doing because papa left the office so he got down off of the shelf and monitor and proceeded into the hallway. Well all I heard was oh damn, we've got an escapee on the run. So I am figuring that it is Ganster again. Then I hear him say oh there you are you better get back in the room before moma catches you.
Well he crawled up on the hamper and it looked like he was trying to hide behind the rug shampooer lol. He looked so funny, but let me tell you when he got on to the floor and started to run I snatched up my baby Angus (toy poodle not human child) and did my rendition of the moonwalk lol. I thought Michael was going to bust his gut he was laughing so hard lol. Anyway I hope you all had a nice Sunday and I will write more later today. It is time for some tea and a movie while I work on the shawl (I know, but I can watch when I finish each row lol).

Anyway I finally got the hang of the provisional cast on. I found a Lucy Neatby tutorial video and I did the crochet on one and wow it was real easy in my own opinion. Anyway I am on row 9 now and tis is definately a pattern that until you have it down you best not talk or try to do anything else when knitting it cause you'll mess up. How do I know cause I had to back track (I so hate the words frog or rip) 4 times before I got it right lol. I even made some special stitch markers for the project as well. I made the especially for sock or lace knitting. These though are special I used fresh water pearls, red coral, carnelian and mother of pearl. I think I might even make a pair of earrings too, because they look so nice together.

Well it is time to sign off so I can have my tea and watch my british detective program (I love the british programs). I taped PBS Mystry they are running the Inspector Lewis series 1 now. I was watching the insoector Morse series and Lewis was his partner. Well I will add more later in the day and might has some new pictures as well. Have a blessed week all!
Knittin', spinnin' and grinnin :D,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where has the month gone!!

Well the picture to the left is my new wheel (used) Majacraft Rose. I think I will pick out a guy's name for this one. I got this at a steal of a deal and I am very excited about it too! This month has been crazy and horribly humid and hot. Nothing worse then walking into your pool and the water is like bath water and this is around 10:30 at night. Or going outside and the air feeling so heavy, I have basically stayed inside except to go for my daily walks early in the morning. Rain where the hell is the damn rain!!!! We need it so badly here it is not funny. The only thing that is growing is the damn weeds and somehow my hibiscus lol. I saw a humming bird on Thursday morning getting nectar from one of the bright red flowers, it was so cute and boy are they tiny. That is the first time I've seen one up here since being down in San Antonio back in March. I used to see them every morning when I would go out for my morning smoke lol.

This here is the 3-amigo's sleeping, this is what our room looks like at 3 in the morning when I can't sleep. So I decided I was going to take a pick. When I can't sleep I sit on the chest at the foot of the bed and spin or I will sit in bed propped up with a pillow or two and knit, play computer games on lap top or spin via drop spindle an watch a movie. I did finish spinning up 8.8 ozs. of masham wool in Turkish Delight that I have already stated to knint into the Boxleaf Triangle. Which is a pattern, it is a beautiful shall and it comes in 3 sizes. So in order to do this shall I had to teach myself how to do a provisional cast on and I watch a tutorial video and got a crochet hook and did it. It was a little tricky the first few stitches of the cast-on. So I am really going to try to have this made by Sept. 10 which is our 3rd anniversary. But isn't the yarn coloring gorgeous? I got 340 yds. of single ply at about 24 WPI's. I have another 7.3 ozs. to spin up so that I will have 700 yds. complete project the project.

This here is the escape artist Gangster. He got out of the cage last week Saturday and for several hours we looked for him and I finally found him on the shelf way in back against the wall behind Michael's head band and a piece of wool sleeping. What a little bugger he is. We have to get him a play mate now because he is escaping to look for one of his own kind. So we will see Doris and Don next weekend to see if they have any girls that we can get. We figure get 2 more and that will work as for his company. Though we will have to keep them apart for about 2 months so the females will be bigger. Gangster is almost 6 inches long and he loves to thumb wrestle with Michael and he gives Michael a rash of crap too lol.

This hat below is the second baby hat that I have made. This one is for Parker Sletten and I am making one for his brother Jaxon the same colors only reversed. So I am working on the shawl, Daja shrug that I have to frog all of the contrasting part of the sleeve because I have to knit I think 12 more rows of the black then the contrast. That's what I get for putting it down for a month then picking it back up. I forgot that after you finish one sleeve you take the other one off the stitch holders and knot "BLACK" first then contrast dah moment. Then I will do Jaxon's hat. I also have another baby hat that I am making for the KNOW guild project. There is a young lady that is getting her Goal or Gold badge which is what is needed to she can be the female version of an Eagle Scout. Well it is late and my lower back is creaming must be fixin' to rain or something cause the joints are starting to hurt so I will go and take my bedtime sugar reading get my beverage and take me knitting and retire. Tomorrow is early to church for class then knitting with the gals at Starbuck's for a couple of hours.
Have a reat Sunday all!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello World

Hello ,Hello

Yes it has been a long time since I've blogged. June was both a sad and happy month. My Aunt Adeline died in June due to diabetic complications, while I was in hospital. then later in the month our grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday!! July was crazy having to get used to being newly diagnoised diabetic. Anyway as far as fiber goes I have been doing pretty good keepin busy. I have been working on Daja's shrug it will be finished so she can wear it in Sept. I finished a baby hat and I have started another that is part of a set for twin boys. I purchased the Boxleaf Shawl pattern from pattern shop and I spun up the yarn myself. I used the fiber from the Southern Cross Fibre Club that I joined through I love ravelry, I have made some very nice friends there. I have pictured of the hat and the fiber and the begining of the spinning. I also have pictures to post of other things I've been up to. I hope to get a lesson on how to start the actual weaving process next week then watch world cause I'll be weaving like a crazy woman lol.

This picture is of the start of the new hat I am making for the Sletten twins. This is so easy and I love Fair Isle knitting too so easy and to think I was afraid to do it and have so far knitting 2 different patterns though both have been hats. I hope to make a felted purse next month.

This here is the Masham wool fibre that I got for my May installment of Southern Cross Fibre Club. I ordered 8 more ounces so that I would have enough to spin up for my Boxleaf Shawl that I am anxious to start knitting. The yarn is drying now, and then once dry I will wind into a center pull ball and start knitting my goal is to have it done by Sept. 9th so I can wear it for our 3rd anniversary.

Here is the baby hat, it was fun knitting it and it would have taken me only 3 days had I not had a few days that I was sick. I am already starting the other 2 hats that Iwant to get done by a week from next Monday.

Here is a side view of the little hat.

Well this is short but will be adding more later this weekend. I need to get back into the blog mode again. I am going to stop for now it is late about 1:40 in the morning and I need sleep.
So you have a great Friday and a awesome weeked!!

Good Night ,