Friday, January 2, 2009


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I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!!
We had a rough 7 months until Novemeber, but things are getting much better Thank You Jesus. We are hoping to be in a new home within the next 18 months. Our friends have just gotten their new home in MO. Small house and 2 barns on 20 acres, we are so happy for them. We are believing in the Lord for our next home that will have property and land so that we can raise our own animals for fiber production as well as to supply some of our food as well. Plus gardens and orchards to provide produce and so frth enough to share and barter with our neighbors. This year I will learn how to weave on a triagle loom to make shawls and so forth. Things have become so built up in our area in the last 2 years that it is feeling congested to us. There are several extended stay hotel/motels being built in the area. Anyway our Christmas was a quiet one, just the 2 of us. Which was nice since I have been battling this viral flu bug or what ever you want to call it. All I know is it is going on week 4 and I still feel rather tired and sleep a lot. Only this week I can actually do a bit of cleaning around the house before I have to lay down and rest. But there was a time when I sleep on and off for "3" days!!

We spent our anniversary (of our first date) with some friends and brought the new year in. It was rather nice we had a seafood feast, but let me tell you after doing the cooking whn it was time to eat I really did not have much of an appetite lol. But we had seafood left over and Michael had shrimp and fries for an early dinner so that was nice, I just had to reheat things. Today he put up the surrond sound speakers and the nwe need to exchange our "new" cableHD box because it is not workin right plus it does not have a spot to plug the dvd player. I got a Sony Walkman MP3 player and I am having fun ripping songs to put on it. I have never had one and it is so nice to be able to sit in bed at night when I can't sleep and listen to music while I knit. This way I do not disturb Michael and the little bed hogs stay sleeping too. I also got a Sugar Glider for Christmas so he is among the newest of the 4-legged kiddo's in our family. Michael named him gangster. We are still in the bonding phase an I have to start to handle him more during the day so that he'll get used to me. But when I was first hit with this flu bug thing I did not because I did not want him to get sick. But I keep him in a bonding pouch that I wear around my neck, tucked inside my shirt and carry him around with me during the day. He definitely knows the sound of Michael's voice cause he makes his little crabbing noise everytime he walks into my office lol. As I type this entry I have Rita and Angus with me they are sleeping on their pink bunny pillow and let me tell you that little guy can SNORE pretty loudly lol. It is amazing because one night I woke up because I thought it was Michael and it turned out to be Angus, now that was funny.

This year is going to be the year that we want to have saved up a nice nest egg so that we'll have a descent amount put aside for when the Lord gives us the green light to sell and move. It might be FL or MO. MO would probably be the best because this way we'll be just 1.5 days drive from our parents either way. We lost 2 family members at the end of 2008, Ada was a very had one that hit us extremely hard and unexpected. But we look at it as the Lord has a special job for her in heaven and that the job he had for her on earth was done. But one day at a time is how we take it and we find ourselves from time to time chuckling over something that reminds us of her. It is strange but in her death we have recoinnected with another cousin. Let me tell you La Nae is like a sister to me and we have long talks on the telephone and we'll be going up to Ada's grave site to plant 2 Eteni-trees. Nae's neighbor had then sent to her instead of flowers, and they are "2" of Ada's favorite trees, which are Ginko Boloba and Japanese Maple. I have been spinning and hope to have mom's yarn done in a couple of weeks time. I have to order more of the brown pencil roving to pla the darker wool with. I am finishing up my friend Suzanne's gauntlet/fingerless gloves. I finished my cousin MJ's hat and then I have to spin up some yarn to make Skylar her hat, then I am making Sista something as well.

I do have to finish the socks for Michael too, I tell you the heel part is what I am dredding, I am knitting them the majic look way and so far it has been a breeze until you hit the heel. Maybe what I'll do is put the heel stitches on DPN's and work the heel that way and then go back to magic loop. Anyway I should stop since I have an appointment tomorrow and need to get some rest. One of my goals this year is to blog on a more regular basis. I do have pictures to post of my purchases made at the Kid-n-Ewe fiber festival as well as others. So I wish oyu a great week in the New Year!

Big Hug & God Bless,