Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Around the World


Well I have most of the goodies that I am going to send now I just have to find the right pattern and yarn to send to my partner. Then I also have a bag I am making for the Bag-a-holics exchange. The Winterland Coffee exchange and I think that might be it. But then again I could be wrong lol. This years is hand made gift giving for me for the most part. I will start the sewing tomorrow when I return from doctor's appointment.

I have used my new swift and ball winder today and ya know what? Life is good lol, I do not have to go to the LYS to wind my yarn now. So I save time now, plus I am getting ready to wind my first ball of yarn that I spun on the drop spindle it is gerat fun. But I have a bit much on the spindle so time to wind it!! Well it is late and I need to get some more things done before calling it a nice will have some pictures to post this week.
Have A Nice Day ,

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rita is back to her normal self & More fiber photos

Pilgrim Y'all

Wow last week was a crazy one for us. Our litle Rita got very sick from dog food that we had been feeding them. She is older than Angus by 5 years so it hit her real hard. She was treated for Hemorraghic Enteritis and Pancreatits. We alsmot had to put her down, but that good for alternative medicine!! she is just about done with her meds. Angus just had runny poops for a bit but her is ok so far. It is almost time for Thanksgiving I will get the last of the things tomorrow it's just me, hubby, Rita & Angus plus the girls. Their grammy has to work that day. Right now it is nap time and I am able to make this entry in my blog. Well I went to the spinning class on Saturday and I had such a great time!! There was also another lady that did not know how to spin so I did not feel left out. This was the beyong Basics class. I am proud to say that I can use the double treadle now. I practiced and adjusted the tension and now I am doing good. I just need to be shown how to start a bobbin. But the spindling is great!! I am using the tiger eye spindle and I had a fair amount of yarn on it. It is not great yarn but hey, you have to start from the begining and with pratice one can only get better!

I am workin on the bag for my swap partner Beth and had to change the pattern and yarn but it will come out just great!! I have my coffee partner and my Christmas around the world knitter exchange partner as well. But next year I think I will limit the amount of exchanges and swaps I do lol. Any way here are more pictures from the fiber festival. The yarns there were out of this world. But I had to make a choice between yarn and fiber, so since I have quite a bit in my stash already for yarns and more on the way from my eBay winnings I chose "FIBER". Right now I am spindling fiber from a llama called Spotlight. So far I just love using the raw llama. One reason is it does not have to be carded and it is pretty clean just a few pieces of alfalfa now and again. So I just put the bag on the floor and grab the fiber as I need it. I am working toward getting a full spindle worth and should have that done by Friday. I wanted to get a used wheel to start for my spinning but Michael wants to get me a new one, since he is paying for it new is the way we'll go. That is the only present that I know of so far lol. I already have one of his gifts already hidden here in the house. Well I need to get the salmon out to dethaw so I can steam it for dinner tonight.
Okay now I'll tell you what the pictures are: 1: Wool yarn & Boucle yarn from Rosewood Yarns; Fawn colored Hucaya Alpaca; Cream colored Suri Alpaca; Wool tapestry in progress and the last one is bags of Raw Llama fiber. I will post more photo later in the week. So for now adios!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Photo's from Kids-n-Ewe~Part 1

Well here are some of the pictures. A little late getting them posted. A charming older woman was making the lace that is on green table. The next picture is of a dyeing class, then this is a "Suri" alpaca. The fiber looks like dread locks. The bottom picture is 3-3 oz. bags of jewel-toned bamboo fibers ready to spin. Been a busy day and then we went to Golden Corral for dinner. Dinner was free for veterans past and present. I was good I ate veggies in my salad and had my protein. Well I am exhausted and have to get up early since I have to go to the Lone Start Loom Room to sign up for the spinning class on Saturday. Tons of fiber to spin!! Will post more pictures tomorrow.


Kids-N-Ewe Fiber Festival

Just wanted to make a quick entry. I had an incredible time!! I never laughed so much and the fober show part was unbelieveable!! I cam ehome with money still in my purse!! I got tons of fiber so I can master the drop spindle. Michael just as me again to find my spinning wheel so he can orcer it for me. I love this man anyway it is way late and I need to get to bed now. Will post more later including some pictures!!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nuked, poked, stuck and tilted ~ I drove to Houston ~ Whacked my right toe, but Praise God I can still knit lol

Ok ~ I guess I need to explain the title for this entry. Some of you know that I have to go through cardio and pulmonary clearance before I can have the surgery. Well last week Wed. & Thurs. was the "nuke, , poked, stuckand tilted day. I swear that I have had so many nuclear test that I should glow in the dark by now lol. Monday I got the green light from Cardio doc. Monday was the trial by fire for me. I drove to Houston with my friend Cat. Michael stayed home with the babies. We went via the beltway and traffic was not too bad but made me a bit crazy. I'm sorry y'all but some of these drives down here don't use directionals they just glide into the lane they want. What makes it bad is that I am not used to driving on 6 lane highways.

Then on the way back I followed Cat in her car. She told me when we get into traffic you stay on my bumper. Don't let anyone get between use. Talk about anxiety!!! I kept telling my self to breath. When it can time to get over a lane to pay the toll the person to my left kept speeding up so I had to stay where I was. Thank goodness she waited for me to go through the toll. Then I had some "jerk" who was trying to squeeze past me when I was waiting for a break to get into traffic in the u-turn lane. He kept beeping an edging toward me in his big shiney black F150 diesel. When I finally go into the flow of traffic he zipped past me only to go from the far right lane in fron of me to get into the lane for the on ramp. He could have stayed behind me and just taken a left, but no he has to be a big shot. We traveled the feeder roads back since CAt picked up her car. I kept tell myself to breath, I had clammy hands had to turn the air on because I was feeling hot. I prayed "Dear Lord, keep Cat on these roads and not the freeway. Traffic up on the freeway was a horror!! When we got back to the house I walked in the door an said to my hubby "I survived Houston Rush hour traffic, thank you Jesus". Michael laughed so hard lol. I pack tomorrow for my trip and I am excited will take many pictures so I will post them when I get back!! Well the children just left with their grammy and I am off to do a little knitting in bed. Michael is working on the N acale trains he has for about another hour. So Rita , Angus and I are going to listen to some music and knit. They'll just get in their respective night spots on the bed as usual. Have a great Thursay will write more later!

Good night,