Monday, September 14, 2009

What a beautiful Anniversary weekend !!

I tell you I am truely blessed to have such a caring, loving and God fearing husband. This past weekend we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. He took me to Kemah, TX and all I can say is he spoiled me like I have never be spoiled/treat in my life!! This is us in the Lobby of the Boardwalk Inn in Kemah. What an incredible time!! Our room was relaxing and we had a waterview as well as a view of the grand stand and we listened to an awesome Jazz/Zydeco band Friday night. We did a lot of walking and took naps so we could get our second wind to go and do more walking and window shoppin lol.
I love Kemah and I got to sit along the board walk and just listen to the surf and smell the salt air. We had an incredible time, it was rather nice being able to sleep and not have the sound of Angus snoring or Rita's sighing during the night lol. We meet an old friend of Michael's from back in the day when he used to go to Kemah when their was an Air Show in the area he and a few other soldiers stayed at the in. It was nice to meet Janet, a wonderful spirit-filled woman of God.
This ride here was interesting to "watch" I am really not that much of a ride person and I just enjoyed looking at others who chose to get there minute or 2 of thrill and scream their heads off lol. They had this one ride called the "Inverter", (the ride to the left in picture, you can see the top of the red and blue column) sweet Jesus up in heaven. This ride swings back and forth but it goes up and it is "inverted" so that you are completely upside down. I watched as these crazy people got on this ride. One little girl ran off the ride and clung to her mom for about 5 minutes she was so scared after riding on it.
They also have this huge roller coaster called the "BEAST" and the tracks are wooden. It is being serviced so it was closed. I'll have pictures posted on flickr later this week. The below picture is of our room it was very nice and relaxing there was the pool and spa on the 3rd floor. But we did not get to use them.

To top it off hubby said that he would like to take me out for dinner on my birthday too!! Yes I am truly blessed to have a hubby like my Michael he spoils me rotten which I am not accustomed to (yet) lol.
Catch ya later gator!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Nana he got me & The beginning of my first knitting design

Another thing that happend this weekend was my little granddaughter Gianni got bite under her eye by a damn spider. She looks like she was in a boxing mathc lol. Thank God there is no infection or damage to the eye, just inflammation. The picture was taken a little after when the swelling was going down. She said Nana I got busted by a spider I just chuckled when she said that one. She is a big girl now she start kindergarten this year ans the tooth fair already has paid her a visit!
Anyway I have chosen the yarn for my design and then I was thinking that I will also have to make another one where I use a lighter weight yarn for warmer climates as well. But first the initial design. I have cast on already and I think I will do two pattern repeats then add the contrast for a repeat or two. But I now need to find a yarn shop where I can have them order the Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon yarn for me, unless the local yarn shop will order it for me. I figure if I order 10 skeins 5 different colorways that wouldbe a good order for them to place for me.

Well that should be it for now I need to get my strawberries with lime and go sit knit and watch a movie before I call it a day. I just hope that I will be sleeping well before 6 a.m. I've had a few days where I've not been able to go to sleep until that time and man tht does make for a very long long day for me. So catch ya on the flip side. Oh yes the kids are back in school WOOHOO! It is now safe to do to the mall to walk or shop during the day without being over taken by unchaparoned kids lol!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marian is done

Let's see Iggy went on an adventure "OUTSIDE" of his domain and sent Angus into "TERROR" mode lol. I mean that little guy was barking and growling like a crazed animal when he saw Iggy in the hall way. It was not until I started screamed that Michael came running. You see I do not handle Iggy at all and when he gets loose Michael hauls hiney to get him. It was so funny to see him try to runny on the tile floor and even funnier when he got on the rubber floor in his domain he looked like a awkward road runner on 4-legs lol.

Well I have had one crazy week end and I only hope that this week will be much better lol. I made this it is a ravelry pattern called Marian and it was so darn easy to knit up. If I was not watching a movie I probably would have had it done is less than 90 minutes. The designer is an awesome person too.

I just deleted the picture of the yarn for my pattern I designed so I will have to put it in another post. Anyway I hope you guys have a great week and will write more in about 15 minutes or so!
Back in a few!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wee Hrs. of Monday Morning

Well I am still up not unusual for me to still be up lol. Had a pretty good day, though the stomach gave me a few issues. I had spinach salad with crispy chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, apples (not I removed them lol) with balsamic dressing it tasted good and I felt fine. But at around 11 Sunday morning my stomach started. Last night was Iggy's turn to play escape artist lol. Michael was working on his models, painting them and he has to sit at the other desk (he has 3 one of which is in a closet) . Well I guess Iggy wanted to see what papa was doing because papa left the office so he got down off of the shelf and monitor and proceeded into the hallway. Well all I heard was oh damn, we've got an escapee on the run. So I am figuring that it is Ganster again. Then I hear him say oh there you are you better get back in the room before moma catches you.
Well he crawled up on the hamper and it looked like he was trying to hide behind the rug shampooer lol. He looked so funny, but let me tell you when he got on to the floor and started to run I snatched up my baby Angus (toy poodle not human child) and did my rendition of the moonwalk lol. I thought Michael was going to bust his gut he was laughing so hard lol. Anyway I hope you all had a nice Sunday and I will write more later today. It is time for some tea and a movie while I work on the shawl (I know, but I can watch when I finish each row lol).

Anyway I finally got the hang of the provisional cast on. I found a Lucy Neatby tutorial video and I did the crochet on one and wow it was real easy in my own opinion. Anyway I am on row 9 now and tis is definately a pattern that until you have it down you best not talk or try to do anything else when knitting it cause you'll mess up. How do I know cause I had to back track (I so hate the words frog or rip) 4 times before I got it right lol. I even made some special stitch markers for the project as well. I made the especially for sock or lace knitting. These though are special I used fresh water pearls, red coral, carnelian and mother of pearl. I think I might even make a pair of earrings too, because they look so nice together.

Well it is time to sign off so I can have my tea and watch my british detective program (I love the british programs). I taped PBS Mystry they are running the Inspector Lewis series 1 now. I was watching the insoector Morse series and Lewis was his partner. Well I will add more later in the day and might has some new pictures as well. Have a blessed week all!
Knittin', spinnin' and grinnin :D,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where has the month gone!!

Well the picture to the left is my new wheel (used) Majacraft Rose. I think I will pick out a guy's name for this one. I got this at a steal of a deal and I am very excited about it too! This month has been crazy and horribly humid and hot. Nothing worse then walking into your pool and the water is like bath water and this is around 10:30 at night. Or going outside and the air feeling so heavy, I have basically stayed inside except to go for my daily walks early in the morning. Rain where the hell is the damn rain!!!! We need it so badly here it is not funny. The only thing that is growing is the damn weeds and somehow my hibiscus lol. I saw a humming bird on Thursday morning getting nectar from one of the bright red flowers, it was so cute and boy are they tiny. That is the first time I've seen one up here since being down in San Antonio back in March. I used to see them every morning when I would go out for my morning smoke lol.

This here is the 3-amigo's sleeping, this is what our room looks like at 3 in the morning when I can't sleep. So I decided I was going to take a pick. When I can't sleep I sit on the chest at the foot of the bed and spin or I will sit in bed propped up with a pillow or two and knit, play computer games on lap top or spin via drop spindle an watch a movie. I did finish spinning up 8.8 ozs. of masham wool in Turkish Delight that I have already stated to knint into the Boxleaf Triangle. Which is a pattern, it is a beautiful shall and it comes in 3 sizes. So in order to do this shall I had to teach myself how to do a provisional cast on and I watch a tutorial video and got a crochet hook and did it. It was a little tricky the first few stitches of the cast-on. So I am really going to try to have this made by Sept. 10 which is our 3rd anniversary. But isn't the yarn coloring gorgeous? I got 340 yds. of single ply at about 24 WPI's. I have another 7.3 ozs. to spin up so that I will have 700 yds. complete project the project.

This here is the escape artist Gangster. He got out of the cage last week Saturday and for several hours we looked for him and I finally found him on the shelf way in back against the wall behind Michael's head band and a piece of wool sleeping. What a little bugger he is. We have to get him a play mate now because he is escaping to look for one of his own kind. So we will see Doris and Don next weekend to see if they have any girls that we can get. We figure get 2 more and that will work as for his company. Though we will have to keep them apart for about 2 months so the females will be bigger. Gangster is almost 6 inches long and he loves to thumb wrestle with Michael and he gives Michael a rash of crap too lol.

This hat below is the second baby hat that I have made. This one is for Parker Sletten and I am making one for his brother Jaxon the same colors only reversed. So I am working on the shawl, Daja shrug that I have to frog all of the contrasting part of the sleeve because I have to knit I think 12 more rows of the black then the contrast. That's what I get for putting it down for a month then picking it back up. I forgot that after you finish one sleeve you take the other one off the stitch holders and knot "BLACK" first then contrast dah moment. Then I will do Jaxon's hat. I also have another baby hat that I am making for the KNOW guild project. There is a young lady that is getting her Goal or Gold badge which is what is needed to she can be the female version of an Eagle Scout. Well it is late and my lower back is creaming must be fixin' to rain or something cause the joints are starting to hurt so I will go and take my bedtime sugar reading get my beverage and take me knitting and retire. Tomorrow is early to church for class then knitting with the gals at Starbuck's for a couple of hours.
Have a reat Sunday all!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello World

Hello ,Hello

Yes it has been a long time since I've blogged. June was both a sad and happy month. My Aunt Adeline died in June due to diabetic complications, while I was in hospital. then later in the month our grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday!! July was crazy having to get used to being newly diagnoised diabetic. Anyway as far as fiber goes I have been doing pretty good keepin busy. I have been working on Daja's shrug it will be finished so she can wear it in Sept. I finished a baby hat and I have started another that is part of a set for twin boys. I purchased the Boxleaf Shawl pattern from pattern shop and I spun up the yarn myself. I used the fiber from the Southern Cross Fibre Club that I joined through I love ravelry, I have made some very nice friends there. I have pictured of the hat and the fiber and the begining of the spinning. I also have pictures to post of other things I've been up to. I hope to get a lesson on how to start the actual weaving process next week then watch world cause I'll be weaving like a crazy woman lol.

This picture is of the start of the new hat I am making for the Sletten twins. This is so easy and I love Fair Isle knitting too so easy and to think I was afraid to do it and have so far knitting 2 different patterns though both have been hats. I hope to make a felted purse next month.

This here is the Masham wool fibre that I got for my May installment of Southern Cross Fibre Club. I ordered 8 more ounces so that I would have enough to spin up for my Boxleaf Shawl that I am anxious to start knitting. The yarn is drying now, and then once dry I will wind into a center pull ball and start knitting my goal is to have it done by Sept. 9th so I can wear it for our 3rd anniversary.

Here is the baby hat, it was fun knitting it and it would have taken me only 3 days had I not had a few days that I was sick. I am already starting the other 2 hats that Iwant to get done by a week from next Monday.

Here is a side view of the little hat.

Well this is short but will be adding more later this weekend. I need to get back into the blog mode again. I am going to stop for now it is late about 1:40 in the morning and I need sleep.
So you have a great Friday and a awesome weeked!!

Good Night ,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yipy I fixed it!!

This I thought was going to be a lost cause but thank you Jesus I was able to save this! It took me a bit and I tried all the suggestions that my friends had given me. Then I decide to cut the yarn and unravel it a bit. Well at first I was worried when I got 3 separate pieces come loose. But then I got the end and I was able to open it up a bit and then I just added new fiber and bingo she is back.
This is such a beautiful colorway called "Turkish Taffy", it is Masham wool and it is one of the fibers that I got from the Southern Cross Fibre Club. I blong to the group on ravelry and let me tell you every month I get fiber and each time I am pleasantly surprised. Savid does an outstanding job with his colorways and the choices of wool as well. Anyway I just had to add this tidbit in before calling it a night. Tomorrow is sort of a busy day, usual Monday "NOT" and Tuesday is dentist but just for a cleaning and to have a crown cemented back in. Plus a blood draw have to have the ole comoudin level checked ugh!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess it must be late cause Mr. Angus is sleeping on their pink bunny pillow and he is just snoring away lol. Sometimes if he is sleeping near my pillow I think it is Michael snoring lol. Have a great week all and enjoy the summer time!



Well today has been sort of a work and lazy day for us. I have pictures of these beautiful flowers. Wondering why? Well this is how I get some of my ideas for color combinations for dyeing fiber and now also for making warps for weaving. Look at these awesome rose petals. I can totally see a warp in these colors and also mybe even silk hand painted in these colors.

The pink roses would be a nice one where I could use both colors in the warp and then use the lightest one in the weft.
But this one ah, yes this one would truley make a beautiful fringed shawl with maybe even beads on the fringe! I tell oyu weaving has opened a whole other door to fiber arts for me.

This is what the pool looks like now we have power washed it and next we will patch the 3 small areas and then fill it back up again. When the water is in the pool it does not look like it is "that deep". Our neighbor Scott has been a great help to use, he's let us use his power washer so that saves us money. I think once this is all done we'll have a BBQ and invite him and CArmen over.

This is part of the Edward batts I received this week. The picture does not do them justice there colors are more vibrant and richer. I can harly wait to start spinning them. The loom is finally dressed now I am ready the section on "throwing" the shuttle part lol. "Duck, run for cover " lol, no for real I won't be throwing in a sence where somebody better watch out, it is a term used when oyu slide the shuttle throw the shed. I have had to regroup my stitch markers and will be making all the sets with six. I do not know why I thought that they came 4 or 5 to a set lol. Well I am off fornow I have to see what I will do for dinner, maybe we'll go out or order a pizza. I've lost 2 more pounds, "DO NOT" ask me how but I did and that makes me a little happy. Well I will post again later so that I can show off my latest fibre arrival for the month of May from the SCFC. David does an awesome job with his dyeing of the fibers. Plus this is a great way to try new fiber out and then you can decide if it is something that you want to add more of to your stay lol.

Etsy :: Teak and Bronzite

Etsy :: Teak and Bronzite

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lovely June ~ So far

Wow June has arrived man the time is flying by this year. Today was great we got a lot of things done and are just relaxing well I will be going back to getting the front room in order. Then tomorrow will shampoo carpet in the master and guest rooms. I have been sorting through cloths and shoes that I no longer wear that are in good wearable condition and will be donating them to the resale shop my friend Sis. Charlene has. So that makes me happy, yesterday we went to LaPorte, TX as I needed to get my next set of Perle Cotton for my next projects that I will be weaving.
(This is my swap I got from one of the online group from, look at all the skeins of yarn I got!!)

Most of the new colors are 3/2 cotton and only one was a 5/2. Which is ok because if I use the both sizes my woven scarf or shawl will have a bit of texture since one is thicker than the other.

I have been using my Trindle spindle and it spins like a dream and I am spinning a silk cap that I dyed myself. I will use the silk and ply it with the red pencil roving or the orange pencil roving that is already spun up.

The summer is here and hopefully it will not be as humid as last year. I really did not enjoy venturing out last summer. I have Tom Tom GPS navational system so now I will not get lost when I go somewhere by myself lol. All the animals seem to be doing good Yeah! Clean their cages on Friday. PK likes his daily romping around the front room. He is matted so I work on cutting the matts out for a bit then he is set free to go an play with Angus. It is so funny to see then chase each other. Rita could care less she just chills on her spot on the couch. We are going to price materials so we can fix replace the water damaged wood out front and then replace the flimsy column with the proper sized one. This is after we hand in a permission form and get an approval from the HOA. It will be great when we no longer have to pay HOA dues and deal with them. Some of them can be really ridiculous I tell you. Anyway I have new pictures to share hope you enjpoy them and have a great week and enjoy the upcoming weekend!!


PS: Tomorrow sometime I will actually be posting items in my store, I know do not pass out or fall down or anything like that lol.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Day

Busy Day today ~ Tracy came by and showed me how to dress the loom. It was so much easier for me since I was able to watch someone physically do and explain while doing and I took helpful notes. I also learned that I did the warp correctly except I counted wrong and ended up with 30 in each counting group so I will have a shawl and not a scarf for my first project. So I am presently taking a break from threading and figured I'd do a blog entry. I am just about finished with my 2nd batch of stitch markers. Then this weekend I will start pulling some yarn that I spun out and lable it so that come the 1st I can start posting my items online. So excited, last night Michael and I looked at property in MO online and we saw some very nice places. One had 40 acres with 2 creeks one tht was spring feed year-round and the other was seasonal. Plus 2 pounds. It was fenced and cross-fenced had several out building a workshop that was 40x75 and had a kitchen and bath in it. @ barns for animals and one for hay, gardens galore some of which were for flowers and it was about 1.5 miles off of the main road, so that means peace and quiet lol. I tell you I can almost taste those farm fresh eggs, plus it will be great to hang clothes out to dry in good weahter. This plae also had a wood furnish which is awesome and there is plenty of room to put up solar panel grids as well. Plus a stocked pond, which means Michael could fish till his hearts content lol. Yes MO get cold in the winter but nothing like NEW Englad cold and I am looking forward to having the 4 seasons again. A friend already said that she would set us up with some sheep!! How cool it that so we are just waiting to get VA crap cleared up. I am praying that the Lord will mak things right so we can move before Christmas. Well I need to get back to the loom and will have pictures to show later tonight or tomorrow. I hope y'all are having a good week!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crazy Busy Month!!

This month has been a somewhat crazy month and I did get some things accomplished. Finally got the loom in a good spot in the livingroom. I have spent 2 days straight working on stich markers and different color set-ups and this is the end results. I think I will use as my store since they only charge a monthly fee versus what other online selling avenue offer.

The tins I am using are the wilton favor tins. I thought this would offer a little more protection in shipping them along with padded envelopes!
I sat an I just cranked them out an then I put them in their little "shipping" disks.

I did another warp for the loom (a SHORT one), the first one was just way to long and it got tangled up. This one is only 3 yds. and not 11 yds. I will make one scarf at a time to start out. My friend Margaret was right when she said you might want to go with a smaller project to get used to weaving at first. Now I just have to link up with Tracy so I can actually see and do what the next steps require.

I have spun on bobbin for the weft and I hope that I have spun it correctly. I will use 3 colors, at the ends of the scarf there will be a lavender and hummingbird ( beautiful sort of metallic purple) stripes on each end and the middle will be the same color as the warp which is Carribean, a pretty blue color. Below is the Carribean and Hummingbird colors I just don't have a picture of the Lavender though.

I have been coming up with ideas for the other weaving projects. I have been coming up with color combinations and I have been logging them into my "weaver" sketch and color book. I did start the process of cleaning my office and did make a little headway, but I think once I get my other shelves in I will be able to get things in order. I have been feeling like crap for several weeks now and I eat when I feel hungry only to end up feeling like I have to hurl. I have been cramping up something fierce, Friday night wa the worst!! I kept having charlie horse cramps in my stomach, ribs and in my neck. The ones in my neck would go from the bottom of my neck right to the base of my skull.
So I walked around smelling like a mint stick lol. I used the absorbine linament and that seemed to help a bit. Plus I feel like I have a lump in my through, ya like when you swollow the wrong way and you get that lump in your throat until it goes down. So Monday I place a call to my doc to make an appointment to see what going on. Thing on the home front are good, getting ready to lock horns with the VA regional office yet again, somtimes I can understand why some veteerans would rather not use the services we have, cause they sometimes cause more problems than they're worth! Right now we are gettin estimates on what it would cost to get the outside of the house done. Since now that the home owners association has sent out a list of new fines. We need gutter work and the water damaged wood has to be replaced all stuff not covered by the insurance. This is damage from Ike. So now once we get all the estimates in we have to submit them to the FD depatment to get approval. Then I think once all this work gets done we will look to move.
We are done with TX, it may have some advantages for it's veterans, but the "personal" cost is not worth the headaches that follow. Plus they are building 2 hospitals less than 10 minutes away from where we live and the traffic is already a bear at certain times so this will only get worse. So we are looking to move to one of these areas MO, FL , Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico. So anyone in these areas know of any 5+ acre hobby farms for sale? Have an awesome week all and I will be posting more pictures later this week of stuff. Right now I am going to put dinner on the table. I made Michael's favorite Liver smothered in onions & mushrooms with gravy, mash potatoes & corn. I'll have small piec of live with onions and shrooms corn and a salad. The question is will I be able to eat, so far I have only had a small slice of strawberry cake and that was at 6:30 this morning with my coffee. I got sick and went back to bed. Oh well, I am losing weight but this is not a healthy way to do so.
Y'all have a blessed week,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wow this month is flying by wicked fast!!

Well things have been moving along at a pretty good pace. We have finally gotten the loom in it's some what permanent place until I think it will look better somewhere else in the front room lol. For awhile I thought I was out in the Amazon. For several night we had a Toad serenade, it was mating time and let me tell you I wanted to go and spray sleeping gas in the damn yarn. They maybe be small but sweet Lord in heaven they are wicked loud especially when you have 25+ in your back yard and they are all looking for a potential mate. I mean even with the bedroom windows closed they were loud. Every few hours Michael would have to do toad rescue and fish them out of the swimming pool. Then there was the "Big Bopper", yes the big bopper was about the size of a silver dollar and that was the green tree frog. I swore that our neighbor had a duckling in his yard until Michael caught the little guy. Man they are loud little ones as well, but the mating season seems to have finished. Thank you Jesus now I can listen to nice instrumental music at night to sleep by. This here is the "Big Bopper":

I have been busy doing my reading and what not for weaving. I have already done my warp on the warping board and Michael will help me tranfer that to the loom. I am for ever grateful to Clare for allowing us to get this loom on installments. I purchased a 288 pg. sketchbook that is now my Weaving book, and in it I have pictures of ideas for colorways for weaving and also will have the picture of the color(s) I want to reproduce, the way I want to warp the colors and also samples of the thread/yarn used to weave the project. So I am really excited about this I also have to finish up the yarn that I am using as the weft for my second project. I am also still working on yarn for my mom as well. Then I have my swap that I am doing this month and I am looking forward to doing another Fiber swap with the Fibre Swap group from ravelry. I just love being part of the ravelry community. I have meet some awesome creative women and men there. It is just wonderful, I am hoping to go to maybe 2 Fiber festivals this year. I will be going to the one in Boerne, TX in November hubby already let it be know at last years that this was going to be a yearly thing for us to do. I would love to go to the one in Taos. I know that we can't do the Estes Park one in CO this year because it is next month and finalcially we can't do it. Well I am off to get some things done before going to bed. Have an early day tomorrow I want to hang the drapes in the front room and then finish the warping.

Have a great night all,Ciao,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here she is in here new home

Cinco Dancer Hi Y'all Happy Cinco de Mayo,
Finally the loom is set up though not warped yet lol. After wiping her down and getting the dust off I rubbed on/in Matco's refurbishing oil and let it set for about 40 minutes and then wiped it off. The wood has a beautiful Carmel color and I named her "Carmelita". Here are some pic's of her and the accessories:

She is not warped yet I am doing my home work reading an then watch a video on how that is done first. Have moved things around in the office to now accommodate Mr. PK now. He has been partially groomed, tomorrow after church I will groom him a little bit more. I figure if I do this with him say 30 minutes for the next 4 days he should be matt free and his new coat will have a
better chance of producing a good fiber harvest. Well I am dog tired did the flea market walk then Wally world for a few things and we got a nice sized charcoal grill. This year I will have a cover for it and when not in use it will be in the Gazebo. Well time for me to lay down for a few before getting dinner ready. Weekend 1 ,

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Loom's ETA is ......

Hi y'all,
Boy has this been a busy time for me lately. I have to do another bunny butt cleaning and then tomorrow trim the area and that should take care of any future problems. I also have pictures of the flooding in local areas not far from where we live and it was mind boggling to see how the water has risen in these areas that we normally drive thru!! Look at these pictures.

Now I have to rearrange the furniture in the front room. I think I will move the rabbit into my fiber room/office and the sugar glider into the guest bedroom hmmmmmmmmm. Then this way I will have plenty of room for the Loom. I am so excited I think I will get 5/2 perle cotton from tracy and dye it a beautiful color to use first on the loom then graduate up to using the tencel. Anyway here it is the loom, I am just so jazzed, excited tickled every color of the rainbow over this new venture that I have been blessed with. I want to come up with at least 2 signature colors that only I have and a certain way to weave a design so that no one else can copy it and then that will be my unique mark! I have been getting ideas for color set ups by looking at pictures I've taken of flowers. Plus I have been working on some new batts that are unique in color as well.

Notice the draw in th bench I can keep the small things and shuttles & bobbins in there for now!

Well I have to run so y'all be good and try to stat dry if ya live in this here area.