Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yipy I fixed it!!

This I thought was going to be a lost cause but thank you Jesus I was able to save this! It took me a bit and I tried all the suggestions that my friends had given me. Then I decide to cut the yarn and unravel it a bit. Well at first I was worried when I got 3 separate pieces come loose. But then I got the end and I was able to open it up a bit and then I just added new fiber and bingo she is back.
This is such a beautiful colorway called "Turkish Taffy", it is Masham wool and it is one of the fibers that I got from the Southern Cross Fibre Club. I blong to the group on ravelry and let me tell you every month I get fiber and each time I am pleasantly surprised. Savid does an outstanding job with his colorways and the choices of wool as well. Anyway I just had to add this tidbit in before calling it a night. Tomorrow is sort of a busy day, usual Monday "NOT" and Tuesday is dentist but just for a cleaning and to have a crown cemented back in. Plus a blood draw have to have the ole comoudin level checked ugh!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess it must be late cause Mr. Angus is sleeping on their pink bunny pillow and he is just snoring away lol. Sometimes if he is sleeping near my pillow I think it is Michael snoring lol. Have a great week all and enjoy the summer time!



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