Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wow April is almost gone

Boy how the months have been flying by lol. I have been busy between voluteering for the rodeo livestock in March and learning how to weave. I went to my first WOW meeting on Apr. 1 and it was great. WOW stands for Weavers Out West. Thursday night 4/15 is guild meeting and I am going. I am going to run for the office of membership. They have an opening and I believe I can do the job! I have also started a new blog called It is dedicated to my weaving. So now it is official I am now a multi-tasking fiber artist lol. Boy if I had a camera I'd have a priceless picture. Michael is sleeping, Rita is curled up on her pillow sleeping, Angus is at the foot of the bed sleeping and McKinley is curled up behind me sleeping. I just need to get some sleep and then I will feel better. I need to wind a warp for the baby wolf, and then dress Camelita in the Magic Carpet ride warp that is long enough for 2 scarves to be woven. Well I should drink my herbal tea and turn the light out and sleep. Tomorrow is another day!
Night for now!