Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures for you to see!!

So now you know I had an Ooops and forgot to post the pictures in the last entry lol. Yep time to go to sleep land lol. Enjoy the pictures!!

Here I am with our new "son" Polunu Kemeah (PK for short) He is such a lovely Rabbit and oh so soft!!

This is one of Suzanne's dulcimers this is a McSpadden dulcimer. Check out that ebony wood fret !! This is my Mother's Day present from the family I just love it!! There is a women in church that makes them.
These are the stitch markers that I finished today and mailed so they should arrive at their new homes next week. This is a sample of what kind of things I will have on Etsy!!
Look at PK, he is in the "MAN" cave with his papa. The floor is the rubber safty blocks and PK has a ball in there.

Yeah No Cancer & Goodies I received and stuff


Well the results came back from Michael's throat surgery and "NO" cancer Woohoo Yeah Baby . We are very thankful and boy did we praise the Lord for the victory!! I have been busy doing stitch makers, I did a batch today that I mailed out for the swap I am a part of. Plus I am also trying to get things done for the store. I have cut the fabric out for the spindle and sock project bags. PK is better he has almost finished his antibiotics, he was sneezing when we picked him up at the airport and then 5 days later he was still sneezing. So I did not think he was sneezing due to stress. It turned out to be snuffles,so now he is perky and can be loud (Thumps) when he wants to be lol. Tonight I was cleaning his cage so he was in the "man" cave with his papa.

Too funny cause when the cage was cleaned Michael brought him bck and put him in the cage and then I heard him say "I got bunny pellets on my floor". I could not stop laughing, he has safety mats for flooring in his room so that was an easy clean-up for him lol. I have a few pictures to share with y'all. Did everyone have a nice Mother's day? I got a wonderful basket and then relaxed for the day, the darn weather was acting up and my bones and joints were telling me all about the changes in the weather lol. I have met a wonderful gal pal for the Christian Artisans and Dye Happy yahoo groups I belong to. Her name is Suzanne and boy talk about kindred spirits. We both have a love for anyting fibre and music. I love the sound of the dlcimer and I will be learning how to play!! Am I happy you better believe it.

She came down for lunch last Friday and we chatted and spun togehter and then Saturday I went to a Spin & Strum with her and met another great group of women. It was great se all satout on the back porch and spun and fellowshipped and then later after lunch we went inside and while they played the dulcimers and psaltry I spun and enjoyed the music. So this Saturday coming up I will be going to the Dulcimer group with Suzanne and also on Sunday afternoon to another function. I feel as though I've known Suzanne for years when we get to gehter we talk non-stop lol. Well I also went to the post office and mailed the present we got for dad's 82nd birthday. Last week we mailked things to the grandchildren Daja's birhtday was the 9th and hten we sent Gianni a gift box as well. Well hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great Friday and Weekend 1 !!


Monday, May 5, 2008

I've been tagged ~ Thanks Kim ~ New Spindle

Look at this spindle!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it awesome, it's a Bosworth Spindle and it's a Moosie. Moosie you say? As a matter of fact the whorl was made from a mooses antler that was shed. It looks beautiful.

The picture below you can see that it sort of looks like Ivory. It has a creay color and it is soo smooth!! The shaft is Movado wood. I love it and I have had many complements.
In this picture here I have it laying on some Lincoln Longwool. To me the whorl just seems to glow. What I like is that the whorl is notched and that really makes sinning a joy. No more fiber slippage when spinning now. Saturday I was in Jamba juice waiting for my order and I was spinning. This woman came over and asked me wht I was doing. She was so fascinated by the way the whorl spun and how the fiber went from fluffy to yarn (or string as she called it).

This is my first Tagged so I hope I have done this right lol. So here it goes:

I've Been Tagged!!
Kim at The Misplaced Midwesterner (I met through ITE, has turned out to be a good friend)
Has tagged me with a double tag. I have never done these but here it goes anyway!!
Part #1
These are the rules:.

1) Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.

2) Open the book to page 123.

3) Find the 5th sentence.

4) Post the next 3 sentences.

5) Tag 5 people.

This is the book nearest me, it has 494 pages it’s called The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks. I love reading his books. I have several of them.
"Why on earth was she living in a small town like this? Julie, he thought, belonged in a city, a place of crowded sidewalks and flashing signs, quick insults and snappy comebacks. She was too sharp, too stylish, for a place like this"

Ok, these are the 5 people I tag:

1. Maryanne at ~ I met thought a Christmas Swap what a blast that was.

4. Sarah at Keeping me sane - - She got me twice when we did different swaps that was funy.

5. Debbie at I met here at a swap and what a wonderful person.

Well I have many new pictures I need to post and will do that tomorrow. Then I will be away from my blog for abit as Michael is going in for surgery on Wed. Have a great week all!