Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures for you to see!!

So now you know I had an Ooops and forgot to post the pictures in the last entry lol. Yep time to go to sleep land lol. Enjoy the pictures!!

Here I am with our new "son" Polunu Kemeah (PK for short) He is such a lovely Rabbit and oh so soft!!

This is one of Suzanne's dulcimers this is a McSpadden dulcimer. Check out that ebony wood fret !! This is my Mother's Day present from the family I just love it!! There is a women in church that makes them.
These are the stitch markers that I finished today and mailed so they should arrive at their new homes next week. This is a sample of what kind of things I will have on Etsy!!
Look at PK, he is in the "MAN" cave with his papa. The floor is the rubber safty blocks and PK has a ball in there.

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