Monday, March 31, 2008

Afew more vacation pictures

Woman In Rollers good morning y'all,
Ever feel like time just flashes by on you? Seems like that is how this month has been for me lol. So many things going on and happening. Michael's ministry is taking off and he now has added responsibilities at the church an I am so proud of him!! My spinning is getting better everyday, and I will be sending my mom som awesome yarn that I have spun up. I love Lincoln Longwool and has asked Cory if I can reserve the same fleeces for next year as well. I will be getting a Border Leicester fleece this week so I am happy about having another yarn to spin will. My goal is to ultimately spin up enough yarn so I can make myself the real pretty shug. Yes I have move vacation pictures to share with you. I have to reload the camera program onto the computer before I can down load the pictures from the Livestock & Rodeo show we went to. We had so much fun. Michael carded the wool and I spun it and he was great at explaining what he was doing and why. One of the things he said was "I am preparing the wool so my wife can then spin it and at a later date she can knit something with it.
I have enough fiber now that I can spin, ply and then post it in my Esty store. I hope to have at least 6 things posted by the first and then will as things daily. I might even post a a few small project bags I am making as well. I will also be making project bags for drop spindles as well!! Anyway here are some more pictures. I will post some of the new yarn that I have spun that I have to ply.

Have A Nice Day Anyway y'all,

This was near Flagstaf I think am not sure, butit was such a pretty site to see. So is good IF only for a little while lol.
Michael in deep thought while driving , he was thinking that we needed to stop cause he needed another caffeine boost lol. If I drank as much coffee as does I would be awake for weeks and weeks My caffeine meter would be stuck in the overload position Smile .

This is some awesome art work done on a big rig tht I spotted as it was getting ready to pass us. We did see some amazing art work on the rigs! More pictures later!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Band is back on my finger!!!

Hello Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael found my wedding band this morning. He was in the garage smoking a cigarette and he was sitting down he was looking over where I had unloaded a case of TP and he saw something blue winking at him. My ring fell out of my pocket and landed in between the netting of the orange nylon mess close hamoer that I now use for drying my wool!! I tell you I think I should super or gorilla glue it to my finger lol. Anyway I am going through some other pictures from our trip and I will post them on flickr. Well have a blessed day all and Weekend 1 ,

Getting ready for next week

These are the 2 handspun , plied and skiened yarns I did tonight.
Below is a batt I purchased called "Pot of Gold". Isn't it beautiful!

Hello all,

Well still haven't found the wedding band Perturbed but we are still looking. We will spead plastic out on driveway and go through the garbage with a fine tooth comb. Can you say "Stiny, Yucky" lol. I will be one of the demonstrators at the Livestock Show in Houston next week for 2 days I am so excited!! So I will be pulling fiber this week end to take with me. I chose the 10 a.m. - 1:30 this way we will beat the rush hour traffic coming home. Tonight I skeined up my hand spun yarn and also washed some of that yummy black fleece I just received. I already have a go sized mound of the white that I lightly carded which I added some of Angus's clippings to so I can make a hat for the breeder and send it with the small photo album we made for them.

Michael has been busy getting the media department in order plus helping everyday because this weekend is the church's 8th anniversary as well. I am back singing in the choir again and it feel great!! We will be doing a song that the chior in RI did and when I sing this song I sometimes forget where I am and just let it rip lol. Tomorrow I will wipe down the changing table for Sis Rebekah. She is due I think in about a week or so. We seem to be having a baby boom at church lol. We are getting ready to get the geust room painted and pulled together. We also are getting ready to have minor repairs done to the house to get it ready to sell sometime next year. We need more room lol!! Not just for our hobbies but for entertaining family and friends but also visiting ministry as well.

So I will say Good Nightfor now as need to check on the wool that I washed to day have to turn it over so itwill dry evenly. Plus email a fwe folks as well. Everyone Weekend 1!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good and not so good news

Yes it has been quite awhile since I last posted. Have been doing spring cleaning and spin like crazy!! I just got my 3rd fleece from Cory and has reserved the same ones for the next shearing season.

This is Ayria's fleece. It is a rich black and weighs in at 2lbs. 8 ozs. I will wash some of it tomorrow and then dry it. I think I will try my hand at carding in some gold metalic yarn and maybe try to get some nice Angelina to give it some bling/sparkle. I have a yarn swap and we have to spin yarn with some bling/sparkle and/or dangles for our partner. But we haven't been assigned partners yet so I figure can't hurt getting alittle jump on things.

No the not so go news is I some how misplaced my wedding band. Don't ask me how I just did I only take it off if I am going to be washing the wool because I wear surgical gloves and the marquise will rip the glove or if I eat grapefruit because I peel and eat them like you do an orange. So I will now put the engagment ring in the jewelry box don a pair of gloves and go through the trash in kitch wast can. I am just miserable and angry with myself about this you can't even imagine. Anyway I hope to have posted some more trip pictures later this week.

Have a Good Night ,