Monday, March 31, 2008

Afew more vacation pictures

Woman In Rollers good morning y'all,
Ever feel like time just flashes by on you? Seems like that is how this month has been for me lol. So many things going on and happening. Michael's ministry is taking off and he now has added responsibilities at the church an I am so proud of him!! My spinning is getting better everyday, and I will be sending my mom som awesome yarn that I have spun up. I love Lincoln Longwool and has asked Cory if I can reserve the same fleeces for next year as well. I will be getting a Border Leicester fleece this week so I am happy about having another yarn to spin will. My goal is to ultimately spin up enough yarn so I can make myself the real pretty shug. Yes I have move vacation pictures to share with you. I have to reload the camera program onto the computer before I can down load the pictures from the Livestock & Rodeo show we went to. We had so much fun. Michael carded the wool and I spun it and he was great at explaining what he was doing and why. One of the things he said was "I am preparing the wool so my wife can then spin it and at a later date she can knit something with it.
I have enough fiber now that I can spin, ply and then post it in my Esty store. I hope to have at least 6 things posted by the first and then will as things daily. I might even post a a few small project bags I am making as well. I will also be making project bags for drop spindles as well!! Anyway here are some more pictures. I will post some of the new yarn that I have spun that I have to ply.

Have A Nice Day Anyway y'all,

This was near Flagstaf I think am not sure, butit was such a pretty site to see. So is good IF only for a little while lol.
Michael in deep thought while driving , he was thinking that we needed to stop cause he needed another caffeine boost lol. If I drank as much coffee as does I would be awake for weeks and weeks My caffeine meter would be stuck in the overload position Smile .

This is some awesome art work done on a big rig tht I spotted as it was getting ready to pass us. We did see some amazing art work on the rigs! More pictures later!!


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Kim said...

Great pictures!

Oh...what does one have to do to get some of your yummy yarn??? :) :) :) Tee Hee

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