Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting ready for next week

These are the 2 handspun , plied and skiened yarns I did tonight.
Below is a batt I purchased called "Pot of Gold". Isn't it beautiful!

Hello all,

Well still haven't found the wedding band Perturbed but we are still looking. We will spead plastic out on driveway and go through the garbage with a fine tooth comb. Can you say "Stiny, Yucky" lol. I will be one of the demonstrators at the Livestock Show in Houston next week for 2 days I am so excited!! So I will be pulling fiber this week end to take with me. I chose the 10 a.m. - 1:30 this way we will beat the rush hour traffic coming home. Tonight I skeined up my hand spun yarn and also washed some of that yummy black fleece I just received. I already have a go sized mound of the white that I lightly carded which I added some of Angus's clippings to so I can make a hat for the breeder and send it with the small photo album we made for them.

Michael has been busy getting the media department in order plus helping everyday because this weekend is the church's 8th anniversary as well. I am back singing in the choir again and it feel great!! We will be doing a song that the chior in RI did and when I sing this song I sometimes forget where I am and just let it rip lol. Tomorrow I will wipe down the changing table for Sis Rebekah. She is due I think in about a week or so. We seem to be having a baby boom at church lol. We are getting ready to get the geust room painted and pulled together. We also are getting ready to have minor repairs done to the house to get it ready to sell sometime next year. We need more room lol!! Not just for our hobbies but for entertaining family and friends but also visiting ministry as well.

So I will say Good Nightfor now as need to check on the wool that I washed to day have to turn it over so itwill dry evenly. Plus email a fwe folks as well. Everyone Weekend 1!!


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