Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well today has been sort of a work and lazy day for us. I have pictures of these beautiful flowers. Wondering why? Well this is how I get some of my ideas for color combinations for dyeing fiber and now also for making warps for weaving. Look at these awesome rose petals. I can totally see a warp in these colors and also mybe even silk hand painted in these colors.

The pink roses would be a nice one where I could use both colors in the warp and then use the lightest one in the weft.
But this one ah, yes this one would truley make a beautiful fringed shawl with maybe even beads on the fringe! I tell oyu weaving has opened a whole other door to fiber arts for me.

This is what the pool looks like now we have power washed it and next we will patch the 3 small areas and then fill it back up again. When the water is in the pool it does not look like it is "that deep". Our neighbor Scott has been a great help to use, he's let us use his power washer so that saves us money. I think once this is all done we'll have a BBQ and invite him and CArmen over.

This is part of the Edward batts I received this week. The picture does not do them justice there colors are more vibrant and richer. I can harly wait to start spinning them. The loom is finally dressed now I am ready the section on "throwing" the shuttle part lol. "Duck, run for cover " lol, no for real I won't be throwing in a sence where somebody better watch out, it is a term used when oyu slide the shuttle throw the shed. I have had to regroup my stitch markers and will be making all the sets with six. I do not know why I thought that they came 4 or 5 to a set lol. Well I am off fornow I have to see what I will do for dinner, maybe we'll go out or order a pizza. I've lost 2 more pounds, "DO NOT" ask me how but I did and that makes me a little happy. Well I will post again later so that I can show off my latest fibre arrival for the month of May from the SCFC. David does an awesome job with his dyeing of the fibers. Plus this is a great way to try new fiber out and then you can decide if it is something that you want to add more of to your stay lol.

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