Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lovely June ~ So far

Wow June has arrived man the time is flying by this year. Today was great we got a lot of things done and are just relaxing well I will be going back to getting the front room in order. Then tomorrow will shampoo carpet in the master and guest rooms. I have been sorting through cloths and shoes that I no longer wear that are in good wearable condition and will be donating them to the resale shop my friend Sis. Charlene has. So that makes me happy, yesterday we went to LaPorte, TX as I needed to get my next set of Perle Cotton for my next projects that I will be weaving.
(This is my swap I got from one of the online group from, look at all the skeins of yarn I got!!)

Most of the new colors are 3/2 cotton and only one was a 5/2. Which is ok because if I use the both sizes my woven scarf or shawl will have a bit of texture since one is thicker than the other.

I have been using my Trindle spindle and it spins like a dream and I am spinning a silk cap that I dyed myself. I will use the silk and ply it with the red pencil roving or the orange pencil roving that is already spun up.

The summer is here and hopefully it will not be as humid as last year. I really did not enjoy venturing out last summer. I have Tom Tom GPS navational system so now I will not get lost when I go somewhere by myself lol. All the animals seem to be doing good Yeah! Clean their cages on Friday. PK likes his daily romping around the front room. He is matted so I work on cutting the matts out for a bit then he is set free to go an play with Angus. It is so funny to see then chase each other. Rita could care less she just chills on her spot on the couch. We are going to price materials so we can fix replace the water damaged wood out front and then replace the flimsy column with the proper sized one. This is after we hand in a permission form and get an approval from the HOA. It will be great when we no longer have to pay HOA dues and deal with them. Some of them can be really ridiculous I tell you. Anyway I have new pictures to share hope you enjpoy them and have a great week and enjoy the upcoming weekend!!


PS: Tomorrow sometime I will actually be posting items in my store, I know do not pass out or fall down or anything like that lol.

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