Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Day

Busy Day today ~ Tracy came by and showed me how to dress the loom. It was so much easier for me since I was able to watch someone physically do and explain while doing and I took helpful notes. I also learned that I did the warp correctly except I counted wrong and ended up with 30 in each counting group so I will have a shawl and not a scarf for my first project. So I am presently taking a break from threading and figured I'd do a blog entry. I am just about finished with my 2nd batch of stitch markers. Then this weekend I will start pulling some yarn that I spun out and lable it so that come the 1st I can start posting my items online. So excited, last night Michael and I looked at property in MO online and we saw some very nice places. One had 40 acres with 2 creeks one tht was spring feed year-round and the other was seasonal. Plus 2 pounds. It was fenced and cross-fenced had several out building a workshop that was 40x75 and had a kitchen and bath in it. @ barns for animals and one for hay, gardens galore some of which were for flowers and it was about 1.5 miles off of the main road, so that means peace and quiet lol. I tell you I can almost taste those farm fresh eggs, plus it will be great to hang clothes out to dry in good weahter. This plae also had a wood furnish which is awesome and there is plenty of room to put up solar panel grids as well. Plus a stocked pond, which means Michael could fish till his hearts content lol. Yes MO get cold in the winter but nothing like NEW Englad cold and I am looking forward to having the 4 seasons again. A friend already said that she would set us up with some sheep!! How cool it that so we are just waiting to get VA crap cleared up. I am praying that the Lord will mak things right so we can move before Christmas. Well I need to get back to the loom and will have pictures to show later tonight or tomorrow. I hope y'all are having a good week!



Val said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog.
I am so looking forward to reading about your experience learning to weave. That's a ways down on my list of things I'd like to do, since my flock tripled.

How exciting to be looking for a farm. I could spend hours looking at real estate on the internet! Good luck with your search.

UniquelymeNana said...

I like reading blogs of other fiber people. I like to see what they are doing in the fiber world. I hope to be actually weaving by Friday, Saturday at the lateset. I am doing this while cleanin the house as well. You have a great week and enjoy the upcoming weekend!