Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here she is in here new home

Cinco Dancer Hi Y'all Happy Cinco de Mayo,
Finally the loom is set up though not warped yet lol. After wiping her down and getting the dust off I rubbed on/in Matco's refurbishing oil and let it set for about 40 minutes and then wiped it off. The wood has a beautiful Carmel color and I named her "Carmelita". Here are some pic's of her and the accessories:

She is not warped yet I am doing my home work reading an then watch a video on how that is done first. Have moved things around in the office to now accommodate Mr. PK now. He has been partially groomed, tomorrow after church I will groom him a little bit more. I figure if I do this with him say 30 minutes for the next 4 days he should be matt free and his new coat will have a
better chance of producing a good fiber harvest. Well I am dog tired did the flea market walk then Wally world for a few things and we got a nice sized charcoal grill. This year I will have a cover for it and when not in use it will be in the Gazebo. Well time for me to lay down for a few before getting dinner ready. Weekend 1 ,

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