Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Loom's ETA is ......

Hi y'all,
Boy has this been a busy time for me lately. I have to do another bunny butt cleaning and then tomorrow trim the area and that should take care of any future problems. I also have pictures of the flooding in local areas not far from where we live and it was mind boggling to see how the water has risen in these areas that we normally drive thru!! Look at these pictures.

Now I have to rearrange the furniture in the front room. I think I will move the rabbit into my fiber room/office and the sugar glider into the guest bedroom hmmmmmmmmm. Then this way I will have plenty of room for the Loom. I am so excited I think I will get 5/2 perle cotton from tracy and dye it a beautiful color to use first on the loom then graduate up to using the tencel. Anyway here it is the loom, I am just so jazzed, excited tickled every color of the rainbow over this new venture that I have been blessed with. I want to come up with at least 2 signature colors that only I have and a certain way to weave a design so that no one else can copy it and then that will be my unique mark! I have been getting ideas for color set ups by looking at pictures I've taken of flowers. Plus I have been working on some new batts that are unique in color as well.

Notice the draw in th bench I can keep the small things and shuttles & bobbins in there for now!

Well I have to run so y'all be good and try to stat dry if ya live in this here area.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I used to have a sugar glider! He was so cool! Now I have a chinchilla, he's cool too, but different :)
Wow! That is a lot of water!

UniquelymeNana said...

It sure is and it is all gone now. Today we drove down that road and they are grading the park and parts of the soccer field!