Monday, May 11, 2009

Wow this month is flying by wicked fast!!

Well things have been moving along at a pretty good pace. We have finally gotten the loom in it's some what permanent place until I think it will look better somewhere else in the front room lol. For awhile I thought I was out in the Amazon. For several night we had a Toad serenade, it was mating time and let me tell you I wanted to go and spray sleeping gas in the damn yarn. They maybe be small but sweet Lord in heaven they are wicked loud especially when you have 25+ in your back yard and they are all looking for a potential mate. I mean even with the bedroom windows closed they were loud. Every few hours Michael would have to do toad rescue and fish them out of the swimming pool. Then there was the "Big Bopper", yes the big bopper was about the size of a silver dollar and that was the green tree frog. I swore that our neighbor had a duckling in his yard until Michael caught the little guy. Man they are loud little ones as well, but the mating season seems to have finished. Thank you Jesus now I can listen to nice instrumental music at night to sleep by. This here is the "Big Bopper":

I have been busy doing my reading and what not for weaving. I have already done my warp on the warping board and Michael will help me tranfer that to the loom. I am for ever grateful to Clare for allowing us to get this loom on installments. I purchased a 288 pg. sketchbook that is now my Weaving book, and in it I have pictures of ideas for colorways for weaving and also will have the picture of the color(s) I want to reproduce, the way I want to warp the colors and also samples of the thread/yarn used to weave the project. So I am really excited about this I also have to finish up the yarn that I am using as the weft for my second project. I am also still working on yarn for my mom as well. Then I have my swap that I am doing this month and I am looking forward to doing another Fiber swap with the Fibre Swap group from ravelry. I just love being part of the ravelry community. I have meet some awesome creative women and men there. It is just wonderful, I am hoping to go to maybe 2 Fiber festivals this year. I will be going to the one in Boerne, TX in November hubby already let it be know at last years that this was going to be a yearly thing for us to do. I would love to go to the one in Taos. I know that we can't do the Estes Park one in CO this year because it is next month and finalcially we can't do it. Well I am off to get some things done before going to bed. Have an early day tomorrow I want to hang the drapes in the front room and then finish the warping.

Have a great night all,Ciao,

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