Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crazy Busy Month!!

This month has been a somewhat crazy month and I did get some things accomplished. Finally got the loom in a good spot in the livingroom. I have spent 2 days straight working on stich markers and different color set-ups and this is the end results. I think I will use as my store since they only charge a monthly fee versus what other online selling avenue offer.

The tins I am using are the wilton favor tins. I thought this would offer a little more protection in shipping them along with padded envelopes!
I sat an I just cranked them out an then I put them in their little "shipping" disks.

I did another warp for the loom (a SHORT one), the first one was just way to long and it got tangled up. This one is only 3 yds. and not 11 yds. I will make one scarf at a time to start out. My friend Margaret was right when she said you might want to go with a smaller project to get used to weaving at first. Now I just have to link up with Tracy so I can actually see and do what the next steps require.

I have spun on bobbin for the weft and I hope that I have spun it correctly. I will use 3 colors, at the ends of the scarf there will be a lavender and hummingbird ( beautiful sort of metallic purple) stripes on each end and the middle will be the same color as the warp which is Carribean, a pretty blue color. Below is the Carribean and Hummingbird colors I just don't have a picture of the Lavender though.

I have been coming up with ideas for the other weaving projects. I have been coming up with color combinations and I have been logging them into my "weaver" sketch and color book. I did start the process of cleaning my office and did make a little headway, but I think once I get my other shelves in I will be able to get things in order. I have been feeling like crap for several weeks now and I eat when I feel hungry only to end up feeling like I have to hurl. I have been cramping up something fierce, Friday night wa the worst!! I kept having charlie horse cramps in my stomach, ribs and in my neck. The ones in my neck would go from the bottom of my neck right to the base of my skull.
So I walked around smelling like a mint stick lol. I used the absorbine linament and that seemed to help a bit. Plus I feel like I have a lump in my through, ya like when you swollow the wrong way and you get that lump in your throat until it goes down. So Monday I place a call to my doc to make an appointment to see what going on. Thing on the home front are good, getting ready to lock horns with the VA regional office yet again, somtimes I can understand why some veteerans would rather not use the services we have, cause they sometimes cause more problems than they're worth! Right now we are gettin estimates on what it would cost to get the outside of the house done. Since now that the home owners association has sent out a list of new fines. We need gutter work and the water damaged wood has to be replaced all stuff not covered by the insurance. This is damage from Ike. So now once we get all the estimates in we have to submit them to the FD depatment to get approval. Then I think once all this work gets done we will look to move.
We are done with TX, it may have some advantages for it's veterans, but the "personal" cost is not worth the headaches that follow. Plus they are building 2 hospitals less than 10 minutes away from where we live and the traffic is already a bear at certain times so this will only get worse. So we are looking to move to one of these areas MO, FL , Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico. So anyone in these areas know of any 5+ acre hobby farms for sale? Have an awesome week all and I will be posting more pictures later this week of stuff. Right now I am going to put dinner on the table. I made Michael's favorite Liver smothered in onions & mushrooms with gravy, mash potatoes & corn. I'll have small piec of live with onions and shrooms corn and a salad. The question is will I be able to eat, so far I have only had a small slice of strawberry cake and that was at 6:30 this morning with my coffee. I got sick and went back to bed. Oh well, I am losing weight but this is not a healthy way to do so.
Y'all have a blessed week,

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