Monday, August 31, 2009

Nana he got me & The beginning of my first knitting design

Another thing that happend this weekend was my little granddaughter Gianni got bite under her eye by a damn spider. She looks like she was in a boxing mathc lol. Thank God there is no infection or damage to the eye, just inflammation. The picture was taken a little after when the swelling was going down. She said Nana I got busted by a spider I just chuckled when she said that one. She is a big girl now she start kindergarten this year ans the tooth fair already has paid her a visit!
Anyway I have chosen the yarn for my design and then I was thinking that I will also have to make another one where I use a lighter weight yarn for warmer climates as well. But first the initial design. I have cast on already and I think I will do two pattern repeats then add the contrast for a repeat or two. But I now need to find a yarn shop where I can have them order the Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon yarn for me, unless the local yarn shop will order it for me. I figure if I order 10 skeins 5 different colorways that wouldbe a good order for them to place for me.

Well that should be it for now I need to get my strawberries with lime and go sit knit and watch a movie before I call it a day. I just hope that I will be sleeping well before 6 a.m. I've had a few days where I've not been able to go to sleep until that time and man tht does make for a very long long day for me. So catch ya on the flip side. Oh yes the kids are back in school WOOHOO! It is now safe to do to the mall to walk or shop during the day without being over taken by unchaparoned kids lol!

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ChelleC said...

What are you designing? A shawl or what?

That spider bite looks bad. Your granddaugther's comment was so cute. You gotta write those things down in a journal or something so you can capture some of the cute things they say.