Monday, August 24, 2009

Wee Hrs. of Monday Morning

Well I am still up not unusual for me to still be up lol. Had a pretty good day, though the stomach gave me a few issues. I had spinach salad with crispy chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, apples (not I removed them lol) with balsamic dressing it tasted good and I felt fine. But at around 11 Sunday morning my stomach started. Last night was Iggy's turn to play escape artist lol. Michael was working on his models, painting them and he has to sit at the other desk (he has 3 one of which is in a closet) . Well I guess Iggy wanted to see what papa was doing because papa left the office so he got down off of the shelf and monitor and proceeded into the hallway. Well all I heard was oh damn, we've got an escapee on the run. So I am figuring that it is Ganster again. Then I hear him say oh there you are you better get back in the room before moma catches you.
Well he crawled up on the hamper and it looked like he was trying to hide behind the rug shampooer lol. He looked so funny, but let me tell you when he got on to the floor and started to run I snatched up my baby Angus (toy poodle not human child) and did my rendition of the moonwalk lol. I thought Michael was going to bust his gut he was laughing so hard lol. Anyway I hope you all had a nice Sunday and I will write more later today. It is time for some tea and a movie while I work on the shawl (I know, but I can watch when I finish each row lol).

Anyway I finally got the hang of the provisional cast on. I found a Lucy Neatby tutorial video and I did the crochet on one and wow it was real easy in my own opinion. Anyway I am on row 9 now and tis is definately a pattern that until you have it down you best not talk or try to do anything else when knitting it cause you'll mess up. How do I know cause I had to back track (I so hate the words frog or rip) 4 times before I got it right lol. I even made some special stitch markers for the project as well. I made the especially for sock or lace knitting. These though are special I used fresh water pearls, red coral, carnelian and mother of pearl. I think I might even make a pair of earrings too, because they look so nice together.

Well it is time to sign off so I can have my tea and watch my british detective program (I love the british programs). I taped PBS Mystry they are running the Inspector Lewis series 1 now. I was watching the insoector Morse series and Lewis was his partner. Well I will add more later in the day and might has some new pictures as well. Have a blessed week all!
Knittin', spinnin' and grinnin :D,


ChelleC said...

I love your stitch markers and your shawl is beautiful so far. That yarn you spun is spectacular. I have an old Ashford Traditional, what spinning wheel do you use?

UniquelymeNana said...

Hi Chelle,
Thanks! I have a Ashford traditional; Moswolt Hammer; Adrianne (Walela; and a Majacraft Rose. I like to use the hammer to do plying because it has a huge 9" bobbins.