Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Around the World


Well I have most of the goodies that I am going to send now I just have to find the right pattern and yarn to send to my partner. Then I also have a bag I am making for the Bag-a-holics exchange. The Winterland Coffee exchange and I think that might be it. But then again I could be wrong lol. This years is hand made gift giving for me for the most part. I will start the sewing tomorrow when I return from doctor's appointment.

I have used my new swift and ball winder today and ya know what? Life is good lol, I do not have to go to the LYS to wind my yarn now. So I save time now, plus I am getting ready to wind my first ball of yarn that I spun on the drop spindle it is gerat fun. But I have a bit much on the spindle so time to wind it!! Well it is late and I need to get some more things done before calling it a nice will have some pictures to post this week.
Have A Nice Day ,

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