Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Swap from Rainbow Swap Group

Below is the picture that shows the detail of the Alpaca Bed Socks that I am knitting for the Team Bluemoon for the 2010 Ravelypics. I have to have them done by the end of the closing ceremonies. I am using Bluemoon med. weight Water Wave yarn in the colorway called "Hot Flash" which reall explains the phase of life I am going through now lol. The 2nd picture shows the actual color.

This is what McKinley did to a custom made detal guard. How she got it I could not tell you but tht is what I found and boy was I ripped. Thank goodness that the VA has an excellentdental clinic so I will call them Tuesday to see if they came make another for me. It really helped knock out the headaches I was waking up with in the mornings.

Well look at the goodies I got in this swap from Moosh on ravelry:

The sock yarn is something that I will be asking her where she got it so I can get another skein of it. It's called Stardust colorway is Sea Salt Spray by Dream in Colr. Oh it is so squshy and soft! It was a great swap package too! Well it is damp raw and raining yet again, though earlier the sun was out and it was a "warm" 57. I truly hope tht it warms up a bit more this weather is like what I was dealing with in RI lol. Anyway I hope that this week will be a good one and that we'll get some news about our hearing soon. Well time to go and do some more knitting before calling it a night.
Peace y'all,

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