Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another dreary Rainy Day :(

Well this is a picture from when I lived on at the beach in RI. I miss walking the beach at sunrise, but I do not miss the cold, raw and damp weather lol.

Well it has been a crazy week again weather wise where is the mild winter weather in TX? I have been knitting more now since it is cold. The little ones do not want to go out and get their paws wet so no daily walks lol.

I am almost to the point where I start to shape the neckline of the front part of my granddaughter sweater. Plus I think I will use the same yarn but in a different color for the sleeves of her sweater to give it a little punch to the color. The lace project is going along, a little slow but I am confident that once I get all the stitches down I will be able to fly with it. I am looking forward to taking classes next month at the LYS. I have several that I need to take so I can learn how to make socks and etc. I am thinking that maybe I will try to get very good doing lace work and I figure the more you practice the better you become.

I feel much better now that my mom is doing better with physical therapy now for a while she had us rather worried but things are coming along rather well. I am going to try to figure out where I stored my knitting pictures so I can post some other ones. I have a newer computer and have to figure out what hard drive they are on lol. Thank God Michael is a computer wiz lol. That's all for now will try and get pictures posted soon!

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