Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finished 2 Things!!

Well I finally finished the back of Gianni's sweater thanks god now I will work on making a sleeve then do the front the the other sleeve. Well I took my DPN class and was having a blast because I learned how ti use DPN's well my hat ended up with a nipple. Yes I said nipple you can stop laughing now ok! Anyway Michael said honey if you used deep chocolate brown yarn you'd have a hershey kiss hat. Anyway I call it my elf hat and think it's cute, I'll just put a pom pom on top and she's good to go. Not much to add today have been busy get rid of more "junk" in the house and it feel good to get rid of things from the past. Not good to carry extra, useless baggage when it is not needed nor wanted. I have also been working on my cable knit purse and that was another fun class that I took at Yarntopia. I tell you I just love my LYS.

I did get some awesome Hand Maiden Angel Hair in Glacier and Beery and they are slated for beautiful lace shawls. There is enough yarn so that I can make 2 shawls from each bowl now that is awesome ya think lol. The Glacier shawl is going to have the beaded ends. I found some very nice irridescent beads to give it a little extra sparkle. I am not sure that I will bead the ones madewith the Berry color though. The yarn is soft it is 70% Kid Mohair and 30% Nylon. I think next I will make something using a Rowan yarn I think they have one call Haze Kid silk. I want to make one using thier Wicked color number 599. That is such a rich black too. Well enjoy the pictures will post more later this week!



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