Friday, April 18, 2008

10 Days just fly by!

Well let's see I have been cleaning and getting the last things for PK's arrival. Beverly arrived from Eureka and is settling in as is Rusty. Oh yes Ms. Rita has a man now Yeah Baby yes she and Rusty are a pair, sunning themselves on the deck. We have never seen her play like the way she does now.

Angus was always being rough when he played, where as she and Rusty play chase. As you can see Angus is not amused lol.
We assume this position after he's been sleeping for a bit and you should hear this lil' man snore lol. I onced acussed Michel of snoring and it was Angus , OOP'S.

Today I did some more dyeing and the fiber is drying will take pictures of the latest group for a later post. But I do have one of the last dyeing day. These are 2 new colorways. The one on the left is called "Tuscany Fields" and on the right is "Sunset at Red Rock". Anyway Michael and I have been discussing our trip to RI and I think we are going to drive since it is only 28 hrs. He really does like his driving when it comes to road trips. We leave at like 9 or 10:30 at night when traffic is very light and by the time rush hour rolls around we have covered muh ground and we are usually stop to have a nice relaxing breakfast and when we're done the morning rush is over!! Well yes this is short I have to get moving on the stitch markers. Yes this is the first swap of the year for me. I have four people to make markers for and they have to be in the mail no later than 15 May. This time I think I'll add a fwe treats as well. Time to give Michael his dinner, Split-pea and ham soup. I made it yesterday and it simmer in the crock pot all day. Oh drats tomorrow is phase 2 of "Spring Cleaning", trying to get it completed before Michael has his surgery (thta will be in another post). We are bring quite a bit of things to the Godwill donation center. Now I'll have room for my cloths and shoes that I actually wear. Oh yeah almost forgot I am learning how to knit socks doing the magic loop method so far so good. When I get to the heel I will email Ms. Patti and get a private 1 hr. lesson on how to do a short row heel. Then next month I will take a lesson on how to knit a pair of socks at the same time on circular needles. So next post I will have pictures of my progress on Michael's sock, my sock and the yarn I am spinning for my mom. She is making a sweater and I will spin 1,125 yards for her.
Weekend 1,

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Kim said...

Love those colors! Can't wait to see more.

Glad that you are learning new methods to knit your socks. Now I just need to do that too.

Oh yeah....TAG! You're it! Go to my blog and you'll see that I've tagged you.