Monday, June 16, 2008

Yeah a real entry today!!

A quiet moment to get some much needed blogging done. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was a little crazy but fun. We did the usual flea market thing and let me tell you my hubby who can spend 2+ hours there, was done and ready to go back home in 90 minutes!! He called me on the cell and said “where are you, I am at the back gate ready to go.” So Bev and I told him we had to go back and get the new cage for the arrival of the newest family member and we’d meet him at the car. We got back to the car before he did lol. Last week I ended up with severe heat exhaustion and the sheriff ended up taking me back to the first aid office. I mean it hit me like a bullet train, the weather was hot but there was a nice breeze blowing and I was drinking water and all but I did not have my base ball cap on. This past Saturday I was armed with a small cooler that had ice and water and that was in the bottom of our flea market cart and I had a cap on.

But after going to see the doctor he basically told me that the DJD is getting worse and that I will more than likely be walking using a can by the middle of the fall (not if I can help it). He is glad that I am losing weight still; I just hope that after I lose this last 27 lbs. that they will do my surgery!! I now do water walking in the pool 3 days a week. I went to the VA doctor today and he is just slightly concerned about my BP it was 150/80 so when we get back from our trip to RI he wants to see me again. I was off the med’s for 6 days waiting for it to be mailed to me. So I should be back to normal by then. But he is still worried about my lack of sleep so he is giving me another med to try and see if that will help. I average about 4 hours sleep. He said it is a good thing that I take an afternoon nap. He said “everybody should be doing that.” She said on the who the fact that I do my spinning is great at relaxing and calming the mind and body and also mentioned that Ghandi also did spinning to relax and calm his mind and body.

We are so excited about leaving for our trip even though it is so that we all can meet and see Mova before she has total memory lose. I know that if she still had a sharp memory she would love my hubby and have a blast joking with him. I have the new camera so I will have 2 camera’s that I will be using to take pictures and down load onto the lap top. Michael found one for $30 it is old but since we just use it mainly transfer pictures from camera and read books it is just fine. We’ll also pick up Prince Falaroy from Niheeta and then stop in AR to get a beautiful Blue Angora doe from Mallory of Millennial Way Farm. The pictures are of just some of the things I have been working on. I have 3 knitting projects plus my spinning of some more yarn for my mom’s project. Which I will take the wheel with me so I can spin when not visiting with family. Well I need to stop for now, have some housework to get done and also feed PK. I know when it is 6 p.m. because he starts to thump if I am not putting food in his dishes lol. What a nutty little guy he is. Well have a great week all, and enjoy the warm/hot days of summer!!
Good Night,

PS: I've tried 4 times to upload some pictures but they won't upload I'm Sorry so I will post the pictures of my latest knittnig project tomorrow.

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