Monday, January 18, 2010

As the Year 2010 begins

Well we are already one month into the new year heading toward the second month. I look back on 2009 and thank the Lord for briong us through another year. We suffered 3 loses, but one the other hand I know the suffering has ended. I've had to change quitew a bit in my life health wise and that is for the good. Being diabetic has made me very aware of just how much sugar in it's many forms and sodium amount other things is in the foods we eat. Michael and I suffered a terrible blow in March, but I thank God that I listened to that still small voice and our marriage is stronger than ever now. For awhile I though I was seriously ill because I kept falling when I was in the house cause I was loosing my balance, but it turned out to be medication that needed to be adjusted.
We now have a new dog named Lady McKinley Yasira she is a 6 month old Black and Creme Phanton Toy Poodle and she gives Sir Angus Seton a run for his money. She is such a joy and she has taught Angus how to play. Michael got her for me because Rita is getting old she'll be 10 this year abd she is now totally blind and he said that having McKinley will make it a little easier when Rita passes. We are getting things in order and taken care of so that when we get the green light to go we can move to the country. We have decided to move to a 10 - 20 acre hobby farm. It will be wonderful to go out in the morning and sit on the porch and have morning coffee before gathering fresh eggs for breakfast. I will have a spinners flock and so far I think I will have shetland and blue faced leicester sheep. I know that we want to also raise some other animals to provide food as well. I will have an incredible garden and have enough to take to the farmers market to sell as well. I look forward to this year as be a healthy, happy and prosperous one not only for my family but for you my family and friends. I hope everyone has an awesome week!

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

How awesome for you! You should consider tunis too, for your farm, they are great :)