Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It has come My life is for ever changed!!!!!!!!!

Well the bell rang at 6:30 last night and I yelled for Michael to get it. I was drying off Angus. Yes he had to learn the hard way not to follow his sister so close. He was running after her and she stopped short and he bounced off her butt and "splash" right into the cold pool water. Thank goodness I was there to get him out. Anyway Michael get the door and I hear him talking then the door shut. I hear him moving things in the front room. So I come out and he said "is this what you have been waiting for? Santa came early, hesaid this took up too much room in the sleigh." Yes hallelujah the wheel is here!! Talk about fiber over loud!! Francelle whom my hubby purchased the wheel from packed it with bags of fiber in addition to packing wrap. I have 6 -6 oz. bags of corridale wool, 4 bags of a nice dark brown w/grey-siler strands in it. Another bag of grey wool, a bag of a lovely sky blue color wool, another bag of white wool dyed light blue!! Plus 2 lazy kate's and "six" bobbins

I put the wheel together and used citrus oil cleaner on the wood and in January I will stencil humming birds and ivy on the wheel and give it a coat of polyurethane to protect it. Now I just have to choose betwen two names. These names are: Erlina which means Noble Woman or Walehla which means Hummingbird. So I have a picture of my new wheel and of my dh and Iggy. Y'all should have seen Angus jump when Michael let Iggy down on the floor it was too funny. Well this is short I have to finish the last 2 swap boxes so they can be mailed this week. Then it is on to finishing family gifts to go up to the North East.
Have a great night spinners and knitters!



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