Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Friends rom NM

Hey all,
Well I did promise I would put up some pictures from our trp. Here is an awesome couple we met in Faiur Acres, NM Michelle and David Saxton. They met the same way that Michael and I did via the Internet!
How ironic is that huh, anyway they were very helpful with suggestions and so forth when we were shopping and they've even invited us to their wedding in May of this year. That is way cool I think.
This sign was just great the bottom states: Violators will be dragged out back and hung lol. The next picture is of the sun setting this was taken on our journey heading back to TX. Sort of sad to return since we were having such a wonderful time!! Well I need to get to sorting the pictures I took on this trip.
How many do you ask? I'd say well over 150 pictures. Thank goodness Michael took his lap top because we just down loaded them each time I reached 85 on the camera. Well hopefully will post again on the grey, drab funky Saturday!


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