Monday, July 14, 2008

We had a awesome time in RI

Gianni wearinf Papa Mike's hat ~ She was just as cute as can be an so smart. Come on you tell me what 4 yr. old will say "So you two are married right?" I thought Michael was gonn fall off the edge of the couch. When we responded yes, she replied "oh, that 's very good."

These are our girls~ Daja Tanya and Miss Gianni. Michael said I am proud of my little family and the girls are just beautiful. I think we'll need several Bradley's and a Sherman tank to keep the hounds away lol. He is just too funny Laughing 2 at times.
This is me showing Daja how to flick the spindle while spinning yarn. She was spinning in 10 minutes and likes it so I am going to make her a special drop spindle.


What a beautiful time we had on our trip!. Not much to see driving up everything was green trees. No interesting rock formations or anything. But what a blast we had!! Michael was just beside himself. He thought he was going to feel odd you know the "new family member" thing. Not with my family, he did more laughing and talking than I've seen him ever do. He enjoyed speaking to dad about his experience in Korea and dad asked if some of the things that he had seen during the Korean war were still there so that was nice and they both enjoyed watching the old movies and comparing notes and so forth. He meet his new daughter and granddaughters and at times they left him misty eyed. Especially little Ms. Gianni and her little voice, every time she said Papa Mike he melted. I do have some pictures for this post and I am getting ready to put a RI Road Trip album together on

We spent one day in Newport with our oldest granddaughter Daja and what fun we had. We took the high speed ferry down. We went to one of mine and her's favorite mansion the Breakers used to be the summer "cottage" of the Vanderbilt's and this time we also went to the children's play cottage. Let me tell you with a little paint and slight remodel of one small area that would make a awesome Fibre studio!! Yes always thinking of fibre. Not to mention the fact that I taught Daja how to use the drop spindle and in 10 minutes she took to it like a duck to water and was just spinning her first fibre It's A Beautiful Thing . So I am going to make her a special drop spindle just so she can spin. I told her you spin the yarn then send it to nana and I will set the twist and save it and the next time we come up I will show you how to crochet with your yarn!

Well I need to get a package ready and print the postage for it. So we can have Enid our mail person pick it up when she delivers the mail.

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