Monday, July 14, 2008

Fiber fun ~ Spin-in 7/12/2008 ~ 1st Swap arrived!!

This is my 1st Swap fiber I received from the Ravelry group. Beautiful Merino
This what a Fiber addict looks like after a Fiber Fix!
This is one of Tracy's finished projects. Does she do an awesome job with weaving!!
This is Lynn ( of Lynn's Texas Fibers) letting Ms. Peggy draw the first door prize name. I won!!
Notice that all the spinners, spin in their bare feet.

Ok what happens when you save rainy day money for 2.5 months? I'll tell you what happens you end up with a severe case of the need for a "Fibre Fix". Let me tell you my friend Suzanne came down from Magnolia and had a blast! She won a dye day work shop as her door prize. I won 8 oz. of Mohair, now I am itching to dye it. Plus I also received my first fiber package from the Ravelry group called Fiber Club Swap Group. Hope sent this awesome 4 ounces of dyed merino. I will use it to make our cousin MJ something special. Well here are a few pictures from the swap and spin-in all of them will be placed in my album shortly.

I tell you fiber It's A Beautiful Thing,


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