Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally ~ Sign-in problem fixed!!

Hi y'all,
Boy did I have a time trying to log into this here blog. I have ton's of pictures and such to share. First, some exciting breaking news at the Watkins residence!!We have 2 new kids coming next month!! !! I have rearranged my office and I can accommodate 2 24x24 stacking cages and these will be our newest kids come next month! Everyone meet:

This is Mandino he is a Fawn Colored EA Buck and he is just beautiful!!

Then comes MS. Evening Star. She is just adorable, she will be showing at a OK rabbit show then she'll come to us. I think she'll do great!

That is the latest news now, I know you are waiting to hear about the vacation to RI. We had a lovely time but it was way to short. Next time we'll go up in the fall and stay a little longer and be able to visit a lot more place at our leisure. Michael just loves his in-laws and he had a blast talking about the army and watching old movies with dad. He really enjoyed the blueberry muffins that mom made and now I have to make him blueberry muffins every weekend lol. He was overwhelmed by the way that Tanya and the grand babies greeted him. Now you should hear him boast about them. He got to see how mom and dad react to each other and he said that will be us in 20 yrs. His biggest thing was "all" the food we had, I said look when this family gets together be prepared to eat, food is always involved one way or another!! Well my next post will have some pictures of our trip and the rest will be on flirk.com. Have a great week everyone!!
Have A Nice Day,
SheepCW Bunny

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