Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wow how time flies!

The last 2 months seemed to have flown by!! We have had two good events and one bad. The first thing that was a good event was that we brought out house guest to the Airport Nov. 5 and said good bye to her and Rusty. They are now back in Ca and settling nicely. The the other good is tht this year my hubby went with me to the Kid-n-Ewe Festibal in Boerne, TX. We stayed in San Anotoni at the Candlewood Suites and oh my gosh it was awesome, each room hae a kitchenette with a cooktop,fullsized refrig, micro wave utensils and dish and glassware. It was just great to stay there.

My spinners workshop was at 9 in the morning and that was just great. I learned what I was doing wrong when it came to the Long draw and I corrected it and then I learned who to spin flax. No that was something them I was shown after class how to Navaho ply using the wheel and that I must practice. But it wa great fun. Then I had my space dyeing class and that was totally awesome!! This type of dyeing is so cool and easy too. I think I might even teach a space dyeing class after the first of the year. By then I should have all my dyes in by then and it will be fun. Then I got some fiber too. Not as much as last year because I knew what types of fiber I was looking for this time. I have some awesome fibers to spin too. I also got some fiber goodies for my friend Suzanne. Then Michael had put my name down for the silent auction which I didn't know and I had put my name down for 2 auctions for hand dyed fiber. Guess what I walked away (had to pay for them lol) with 3 items.

I also made some new friends they had a booth in the Alpaca ranchers barn and looks like we could possible be doing business togehter in the future regarding my stitch markers. So that is exciting and I got lots of complements on my felted [urse as well. We got home on Sunday night around 9:30 after we picked up our little dogs and around 11:45-midnight the phone rang and we got some very bad heart breaking news. Our cousin Ada at the age of 35 had died from a massive heart attack. We were just stunned, we had talked with her on the 5th and she emailed us a beautiful email at 2 p.m. that have a beautiful picture of flowers with a prayer. We drove up to Calwell on Thursday and I met some of the family. We went to the funeral palor and then we got our room and went to have dinner. We were back to aunt Tina's in the morning for Ada's home going service. I like the words Home Going or Going Home service better than funeral because after all the person is going home to the Lord.

Ada was a wonderful, giving and thoughtful person. The type that would give you the shirt off her back if she felt it would help you. Through this whole ordeal I have meet Toni, LaNee and Terry and Ify Ada's boyfriend all of whom I believe will be dear friends for life. Ify is a wonderful man that Michael and I met. He is very bright, articulite and loving. He speaks from his heart and his speaking is very eloquent. He shared a letter he wrote to Ada, she was his big girl, the love of his life. They were both going to school Ada was gettingher degree here in TX and Iff was getting his PhD at university in Louisiana. They were both made for each other, and they were to be with Michael and I this weekend. I was going to prepare a feast and we were gonna just sit and enjoy each other's company. We told Ify that he is family and is always welcome in our home and we will keep in contact with him. Well I will stop for now I need to get some (more) sleep I an just feeling totaly drained of energy so I am going to get some much needed rest. Once I down Load the pictures I will post them.

Enjoy the weekend,

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Sounds like you need to sit down and spin awhile, best medicine for you soul I know of. Speaking of which, how is that wheel working for you?