Thursday, September 23, 2010

Curve/bump in the Road ~ When we make plans God Laughs

Well we're still packing and stacking, Friday they come to take pictures and then we'll see.  We might take another trip to FL to look at other property.  It seems that after 17 days of waiting the bank has decided to let the propertry foreclose and not accept out offer or the other couples offer.  So we are searching again and have found another potential that is quite a bit lower that what we bid on the other place.  Has more square footage and with what we save what we get from selling this place we can have a screened in room and pool built.  So we are excited, we never know what the Lord will do for us and it just amazes me because this new option seems better and it is exactly 2.5 miles and a six minute drive from Sista's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WooHoo yes Lord thank you Jesus!!

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