Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Come End of 2010!

Well this has been an interesting to say the least.  I have been battling depression and trying to get things pulled to gether for our move to FL.  The VA has been pulling us through the wringers, but praise God we have had victories along the way as we continue to move forward.  The first house we bid on we found out that we were the high bidder but the bank decided to foreclose on the owners instead.  Then we spotted another home in a nice area with "big" kitchen and a garden tub and separate shower in the master.  Our bid was accepted and then about a week into the deal the realtor called and said there was trouble with the title.  So now we have decided to lease for awhile in FL and then we can take our time finding the right home that the Lord has for us.  Sometimes we make plans and God laughs, because his plan is bigger and better for us.

Christmas was nice at midnight on Christmas morning I sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, I know you think I am crazy but that is something that I started doing.  I have decided to invite the Lord into the activities of my day and when I do this I find I have less pain and I can get more done.  There are a few people that we will miss when we leave TX.  One special friend is Enid our post lady she is just so awesome, if we have packages she brings them to the door and rings the bell so we know that we havev packages and even puts the mail with then for us.  She is just great always goes above her duties.  I mean she could just put a notice in our box and we'd have to drive to the post office and stand in a long line waiting to pick them up.  With things being tight this year we still wanted to give her something special.  So I decided to make a Peach Blackberry cobbler and cookies for her and her family.  We gave it to her yesterday and she was so happy.

I love to do things like this for peole and also knit them things and so forth. this year I've done quiet a bit of knitting as you can see:  The first one is of the back of a "big" slochy beret that isi of my own design that I knitted for a swap.

 This is the back view of the beret that is going to my friend Beverly Ann, who lives in Surrey, BC where it can get very cold in the winter months.
 This is the side view of her hat.
 This blue one I have not decided who will get this one as of yet.  I might send it to my friend Lina in the Netherlands.  I mailed a shrug to her 2 years ago and she never received it so I might take another chance and send this one to her this year.
I love the way that the decreasing makes a swirl pattern on the back of the beret.
 This here is the front of the beret I designed.  Yep as you can see I am still struggling with my damn weight.  I just wish they would stop all the games and just schedule my  surgery and get it over with. 

Anyway I need to get some sleep but I want to finish the movie first. I am watching the American with George Clooney. The house is quiet even hubby is not snoring tonight :-). Well I hope to make another entry into this blog before the new year begins. I really need to get myself back into blogging.
So it is later gator for now!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Good to hear from you! Beautiful hats!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Hi Lady! Haven't heard from you in AGES! I've been thinking about you and your (always) interesting posts. Hope all is well with you and yours, that your life has settled and your happily in Sunny Florida! I remember that you bought a Moswolt Hammer Wheel, and wanted to share that I've just bought one too! I'm looking forward to spinning on it, its coming from the Netherlands. Have you ever found any information about the Moswolt wheels? Take care, post more!