Sunday, June 3, 2007

So tired

Things have been crazy,I fisnished the shrug and the dish cloth I was working on. Now I am working on my sister Linda's gift and the tote I am making for my poartner in the tote exchange. But I havea been completely drained of energy since Saturday. I discovered a lump in my left breast. This is the second one. I had one removed in May 2005. This one fees like a grape at first but then it spreads out. Michael is beside himself with worry and there have been times when I have heard him crying. I told him not to worry that I am going to see the doctor and that will all be ok. It will be removed and it will be nothing. But having lost a sister to cancer and his mom is a breast cancer survivor did not make the news easy for him to take. So I might be off line a bit so I can concentrate on positive things and get the tote finished for the exchange. Y'all have an awesome week!!

Ciao! CW

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