Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can you say Rain Rain go away!!!

Aren't they just the cutest!! These are Suger Gliders. Friends of ours raise them and we visit them almost every weekend at the Traders Village Flea MArket. They are so precious but since we will be doing a bit of traveling we will wait before we get any of them. But at present I am aching all over my joints are screaming in pain!! We have had about "6" days of on and off rain and the barometric pressure has been going up and down and my bones know it!! Usually we mow once a week but with this rain we hve strated to mow about every 6 days now because it grows so fast.

It was just sunny out and then over cast and then I heard thunder and then the rain I mean do TX have a "rainy" season now lol. The kids do not like it cause when they go outside to go potty they do not like getting their little paws wet. Then I have to dry their pawes off or else paw prints on the couch lol. Yesteday I wa in a cooking mood so I made a tray of stuffed shells and pu them up in the freezer and also lasagna too. Tomorrow I will do some chicken, this way just have to reheat things and not have to get the whole house hot with cooking. I have been knitting another litle bag to go with the tote for the exchange that I am participating in. I am so excited I can hardly wait for the next tote exchange to begin. I felted this tote I am giving to my pal and I am addicted to felting now. I found a beautiful pattern for a felted purse that I will be making for myself and if I like the way it turns out I will make it for my next pal. I am also doing some felting for holiday gifts. I figure might as well get a jump on the holiday season. This way I can do like last year and ship them all to my parent's house and then when they meet at my aunt's they'll get their gifts that way. Well I had the biopsy and ultra sound done on Friday and now have to wait till next week Friday to get the results. I would be telling a fib if I did not say I am a bit nervous , but I have faith that all will turn out just fine. Michael is taking it hard and I am trying to get him to think on the positive side of the matter. Well have to run have to get dinner ready. Well post again later in the week!

Ciao! CW

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emicat said...

wow, such cute critters! I don't think I've ever seen them before. thanks for the nice comments on my blog :)