Friday, July 6, 2007

Tote Finished

This is the yarn and beads for the Mystery Shawl3 Knit A long I have joined. The yarn is Zephyr in Mahogany from the Yarn Barn a 4 oz. cone. The beads are Czech Glass beads in Red Rainbow which look just awesome with the yarn. They add just the right amount of contrast. Everyone started their shawls last week. Some of those gals knit like greased lightening!! I am quite a bit behind but that is ok, there is no set time limit, so I will take my time. This is going to be a early birthday gift to myself and I want it to be a stunning shawl that I can wear out for my 1st Wedding Anniversary.
As you can see it is finished and it is "big" just like my pal had wanted. I hope she likes it. I had such fun making it. I also made a book mark to go along with the book I put in with the goodies and also a Sterling Silver and Turquiose Chip and Tiger eye bracelet. I also make some stitch markers. then I got a nice chicken soup book, some tea and a nice knitting mug star fish plushies t hang from shelves and a little spring clock.

Now I will be starting the other project. I joined the Mystery Shawl3 knit along. My Zephyr yarn I odrered is 50% lace and 50% wool in a nice Mahogany color and I have chosen Red rainbow beads that look just awesome with it! It is my first real "big" lace project and I am excited about starting it. I will so my swatch first and see how it looks. We chose our own yarn though the designer gives us some ideas for colors and we chose our own needles. The smallest circ. needles I have is a size 5, but I think I will try my size 2 straight needles they are 14" long and I think I will be able to fit 99 stitches on them. Well I need to get to working that swatch. But first will check on hubby he had his final oral surgery done today and he is feeling kind of crappy. Have a great weekend all!




Cary said...

Hi CW, its Cary from the Christian Artisans list! Wow, your things all look so great ;) I'll bet your Mystery Stole is going to just be stunning!

It was fun visiting your blog!

UniquelymeNana said...

Thanks Cary,

We'll see I am already looking at a new color and bead coordination to make another one lol and I have not even finished this one. Thanks again and you have a great weekend!