Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Mystery Contniues.......

First came the swatch seemed pretty easy, but that was just the swatch.

This shows the Zephyr Lace yarn in Mahogany and the Czech Glass Beads in Rainbow Red.

This was when I hit row #50 can we say Yippy Thank you Jesus!!

This is another shot if you look real close you can see the beads. I will have to take a better close up next time, but hey what do you want for taking a photo at 5:01 in the morning.

Now look at this little cutie pie. Here is momma's boy he went to the groomers yesterday and he looks great this is his summer cute and he seems to like it very much. We have an awesome groomer too she is very nice and she has a very nice home and I feel good about leaving Angus with her. She does a great job too!!

Well I am 9 pounds away from setting the date for the surgery and I am excited about that. I think I can lose more than 9 by the 24 th of this month. I am really enjoying the Mystery Stole. I exchanged a pair of circ. needles and paid the difference and I have the Addi lace needles now. Ok ~ can we say Addi addict now, say tht 5 times fast and see what happens lol. Today it rained but not badly the sun is back out so tht is good. I am getting used to the new medication I am taking so I feel sleepy a bit more during the day and nap often, but by next Monday that will be in the past. One of the med's I take for pain and infflamation of the joints is awesome as in I have no pain like before. I can move freely and not have to worry if I get up will I make an ugly face? Well I need to take a nap now and then it will be charging forward with the Addi's. Y'all have an awesome weekend.



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