Monday, July 16, 2007

Frogging time


The dreaded word in every knitters vocabulary. I will frog these and use the yarn for another project. The homespun yarn will be used for a fast and nicer looking shawl. The Hand Maiden , Silk Maiden yarn will be use for another pattern that will show iff the colors better and I will use that for something for me a shrug perhaps. The Schefer Anne sock yarn is already slated for a shawl pattern that I have in mind and it is a "LACE" pattern and I will be using beads. That mystery stole3 has me hooked on lace now and the beading is so easy that I am not into that as well. So I will be making the Christmas gits starting now so I can ship them in plenty enough time to get then where they need to be "before" christmas this year lol.

Well the sun is out but I have een hearing the rumble of thunder in the distance so I have an idea it might drizzle or rain lightly. I need to do some cleaning, ironing and mending in addition to taking Salmon out for Michale's dinner tonight. I am 9 punds away from my goal . Then it is on to surgery and the new healthier and energized me!! Excited about that very much too. Well have a Blessed week until next time Ciao!



Kim said...

Frogging is not a nice word around here but I too do it quite often.

I've signed up for the MS3 but I haven't done a thing with it yet.

I did however deisgn my own simple lace design for a scarf I'm making. I'll take pictures soon and post them.

UniquelymeNana said...

Yess, it is not a good word lol. I have just started the Canopy Forest Shoulder Shawl to wear for my wedding anniversary it is our 1st and we are going away for a week I think Michael said. Have some awesome new yarns as well I will have to post them on here when I get the chance. Hope you and the family are having a great Sunday!!