Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Perils of Hand-dyed; Hand-painted Yarn

Wow !!

I can't believe I have not posted in such a long time. Have had internet wows and then some other things popped up. But I have been knitting to that ias a good thing cause my nerves were frazzled lol. Well I am going at a good clip with my Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. I am really pleased with the way it is coming. Well I ran into every knitters horror having to get more yarn to finish project. Well I called my LYS and they had more of Hand Maiden's S8ilk Maiden in Vintage. I was excited to here that news. So I go and get 1 more handk and Amy winds if for me. I notice after it's wound that hummmm....... This looks a little off but Amy gave me some suggestions and I was off.

Well I get home and get ady to sit and knit I pull the new yarn out and grab my shawl tote and take out my work. I thought I would pass out. To my horror it had changed, not slightly but a drastic change. I looked at teh rich jewel tones of the yarn tta I had frogged to make the shawl and the new ball and they were so opposit it wasn't funny. You see the scarf that I frogged was the one I had started in February when I took the Easy Peasy Lace class. They colors in the new lot are not the vibrant, rich jewel tones. They are subdued and there are 2 new colors in it.

So back to the LYS I go and I showed Sheryl and she said I had two choices one was to start over using the new yarn and get another one so I would have enough or pick a color in a solid that would match and incorporate it.

So that is what I did so I have this very pretty sort of reddish brown that I will work the middle of the shawl with and the finish it with the rest of the Vintage I started it with. So I found the brown in the Louisa HArding Glace yarn I believe it is color #12. So in the mean time I have posted these pictures to show what I have done and the differences in dye lots and the new solid I am going to use. After I finish and block it and if I like that way it came out I will use aonther colorway and make one for my grandmother for Christmas. I think I will use one of the Schaefer yarns from their Memorable Women Collection. Anway I need to get moving I have a lot to do tomorrw and I need to get some good sleep. That's it for now.



Jane said...

Hi Cheryl,
It's good to see you back on line! Have you checked out the ITEIV blog today? You won the contest that I sponsored for the most posts to the ITEIV blog! And that was even with being off-line for the past couple of weeks!
Please send me your e-mail and mailing address so I can put a prize package together just for you!

UniquelymeNana said...

Hi Jane,

I will send you my information straight away boy what an exciting start to the week for me!!!