Sunday, August 19, 2007

She be Finished WooooHooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is, the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl!! I did have a minor problem but thanks to one of the owners at the LYS I was able to do a little creative contrast color and it cam e out awesome (I think). The pictures of the yarn shows the original dye lot to the right and the same colorway but different dye lot is to the left. Yes I was almost in a knitter’s coma on that one. But a valuable lesson learned. The darker one was from a project I started in February of this year and I frogged it to make the shawl. The other yarn picture shows the contrast yarn that I used. Louisa Harding's Grace and it went well with the Handmaiden's Silk Maiden. I am so happy and pleased with my first lace shawl. I have started another one that will be for one of my aunt's for either a Christmas or birthday present.

I am getting a jump on knitting for holiday gifts as well this year, so I have a few things lined up to do some knitting, some will be done with sewing pattern and some will be jewelry gifts this year. Well I have to chicken in the oven and I have given the little ones their baths and what did they do? Roll around on the lawn!! Right doesn't seem to mind it as much as Angus, he is not crazy about the dryer aspect. They both have dental appointments at the end of the month, Rita for routine cleaning and Angus is having the baby teeth removed that he still has along with cleaning and being micro chipped. Next month on the 10th we'll be celebrating out 1st anniversary. It really does not seem as though we have been married a year, I guess when you marry your best friend things work extremely well. Plus I guess the fact that we have a strong communication foundation and we have a "couples" journal has really worked for us.

Well I ought to go as I want t get some knitting done on another Forest Canopy. I will be starting the Bee Fields shawl next month and I just have to decide on what yarn I want to purchase for it. I just might get it as a kit and not have to worry about where to get the yarn. So I shall say catch ya later for now. I will post some pictures the next time of the surprise birthday party I had for Michael. It would have been nice if mom could have come up from NV for it, but we hope to be going to visit her sometime in January. I know that we will be going to my 30th class reunion this November. It is going to be wonderful going this time because I will have my husband along with me and my friends can meet the man that has stolen my heart! Have a great week all!

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mizmikey said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! I hope I can someday knit like you! I also loved your tote you made for the ITE IV. (Mine was the red and black diamonds). I hope your surgery goes well and I maybe I will see you in the ITE V. Not sure because I got a bum partner this time so I am still deciding what to do. :( .mizmikey