Sunday, August 5, 2007

My eBay winnings

Hand dyed Pure wool ~ 900 yds. Fingering yarn from Mirari Crafts -Canada
Hand dyed Pure wool ~ 900 yds. Fingering yarn from Mirari Crafts -Canada

Hand dyed 50% Wool 50% Silk yarn from Mystical Creation YArns in New Mexico

Hand dyed Pure wool ~ 450 yds. Fingering yarn from Mirari Crafts -Canada

My new adjustable yarn swift made out of Oak. I got from Tim Hale in Rosemont, IL .

Hi all,

Boy this past month has been rather quirky, but things are leveling out now. Let's see we are back on the internet after dealing with Comcast. Bot glad that is over lol. I have gotten some awesome yarns and a swift through eBay and also some incredible deals on Addi Circ. needles!! The pictures are from the site what I won and I will post my own when the yarns get here.

Just look at the yarns!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new ones!! I might even have to do two posting to show everything. I have saved quit a bit too, but I will always make my monthly LYS purchase though cause I just love the things that they have and will be taking classes as well. So as you can see the yarns and swift above. I am going to have fun knitting, I am talking knitters heaven. I can hardly wait to feel and do the yarn nuzzle lol. Some of this yarn is already slated for Christmas gifts, the next tote exchange and the Christmas around the World exchnage.

Then to top my day/night off I won a prise for the most postings for the ITE IV!! Me of all people!! I did not think I would win any of the contests let alone the most posting, I was off line for a few weeks!! Well it is sort of late I will post aontherentry tomorrow to show some more of my eBay booty lol. Have an awesome week y'all!!

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