Sunday, August 19, 2007

Birthday Surprise ~ Gotcha Michael

I got his so good with this one. He has no idea at all that I was planning this for him. I told him I was helping plan a baby shower and that is how I was able to buy groceries etc. in the open. When he was taking his afternoon nap I went and got ballons etc and little odds and ends. I was just so thrilled to be ale to do this for him. I wanted to show him just how much I appreciate him and how truly blessed and honored I am to have him as my husband, the man that God has chosen for me. Plus the party also helped him in away that he knows that their are others who appreciate him and love him and will always be there in his life. Well I need to get moving the chicken is don and while it is coling I will make a nice summer greens salad for him with veggies steamed with Asian Giner marinade. I go for my weigh in this Tuesday and also see the surgeon on the 27th to schedule my surgery date!! So I wll say "Later Gator"!

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